Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to get Surfing Pikachu: Guide

Surfing Pikachu is now available in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Best part is, the pokemon's not event locked. Looking for how to get it? Check it out here!

Surfing Pikachu

Pikachu has multiple forms and Surfing Pikachu happens to be one of the more popular ones. From the old games, Surfing Pikachu only made a cameo appearance. However, in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, players can get Surfing Pikachu any time they want. It’s not an event Pokemon so, all can keep calm and just follow the guide to get your favourite surfing electric mouse.

How to get Surfing Pikachu

Getting this Pokemon has two prerequisites:

  • Being able to go to all four islands. Though, not necessarily finishing the game.
  • Unlocking Mantine Surf and breaking the record.

As mentioned before, Mantine Surf is a mini-game that appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. However, this is where it gets a little more tricky: players need to beat the record of the Mantine Surf and win first place in order to unlock the Pokemon.

Initial Record of Each Island

Big Wave Beach Heahea Beach Ula’ula Beach Poni Beach
1st Place  12200 27200 43200 58300
2nd Place 11400 20400 33800 44800
3rd Place 10200 15600 24600 35900

After beating the records of each island, the Pokemon will become available. Head then to Heahea City and into the surf shop. Once there, speak to the owner and you can get your Surfing Pikachu. However, I suggest you save your file here. Surfing Pikachu is not nature-locked or shiny locked, making it possible to get a variety of Pikachu‘s.

Players can also evolve this variant of Pikachu to get an Alolan Raichu that knows Surf which is quite beneficial. Considering that Pikachu is an electric type, having Surf as part of Pikachu‘s move set will definitely give an advantage over Ground Type Pokemon.

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