Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Pokemon Nursery Location and Purpose: Guide

The article talks about the purpose of Pokemon Nursery in Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon (USUM) and how to get there in the map.

What is a Pokemon Nursery?

The Pokemon Nursery is a facility in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon where you can drop off your Pokemon, usually in order to breed two Pokemon of different genders to produce an egg.

Unlike in previous Pokemon games, your Pokemon does not level up while inside the daycare center. As a result, they also won’t learn any moves or evolve while inside. Getting your Pokemon back costs 500 Pokemon Dollars.

Pokemon Eggs, Breeding and Hatching guide

Location of the Day Care

The daycare center is located on the eastern part of Paniola Ranch on Akala island. You can reach the Paniola Ranch and the nursery by either walking or by riding Charizard with the Poke Ride feature after completing his trial.

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