Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - New Content Summary: Guide

Check out the New Content Summary guide for a breakdown of the various features, changes and adjustments added to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Ultra Sun and Moon New Content Summary

There are several contents introduced in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon which consist of New Scenarios, Pokemon Forms, Ultra Beasts, Z-Moves and Z-Crystals, and Maps and Side-events.

New scenario

There are slight dramatic changes to the main story in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

The Prism Pokemon “Necrozma”

The story revolves around the Legendary Necrozma which was barely tackled during the events of Sun and Moon.

Due to its intervention, a path to the world devoid of light appears. Trainers get to experience the “Ultra Wormhole Adventure” which makes use of the 3DS’s gyro sensor. To do this, they must borrow a mount from the Ultra Recon Squad members of their game.

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Ultra Recon Squad

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon added a new set of characters which identify themselves as the Ultra Recon Squad, a group that descended from the the world devoid of light.

The characters that shape the story will vary depending on the version played.

Ultra Sun

“Dulse” and “Zossie” play a huge role in this version’s story.

Ultra Moon

“Soliera” and “Phyco” play a huge role in this version’s story.

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New Pokemon Forms and Ultra Beasts

Necrozma and Lycanroc gained new forms in these games.


Necrozma gained three new forms, in Ultra Sun it fuses with Solgaleo to produce Dusk Mane Necrozma, while in Ultra Moon it fuses with Lunala to create Dawn Wings Necrozma.

By giving Necrozma the “Ultra Necrozium Z,” it can activate Ultra Necrozma.

Dusk Form Lycanroc

A new Lycanroc which borrows its appearance from both Midnight and Midday forms appear in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. To obtain this form, trainers must receive the event Rockruff in their games by using Mystery Gift.

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New Ultra Beasts

There are four new Ultra Beasts that appear in these games. Blacephalon aka UB: BURST appears exclusive to Ultra Sun, while Stakataka aka UB: ASSEMBLY appears exclusive to Ultra Moon. Poipole aka UB: ADHESIVE is common to both, and so is its evolution Naganadel.

The Ultra Beasts from past games are retained on these games which include the Ultra Sun exclusive Buzzwole and Kartana, and the Ultra Moon exclusive Pheromosa and Celesteela.

New Z-moves and Z-Crystals

The following new signature Z-moves consist of:

  • Lycanroc’s “Splintered Stormshards”
  • Mimikyu’s “Let’s Snuggle Forever”
  • Kommo-o’s “Clangorous Soulblaze”
  • Dusk Mane Necrozma and Solgaleo’s “Sunsteel Strike”
  • Dawn Wings Necrozma and Lunala’s “Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom”
  • Necrozma’s “Light that Burns the Sky”

Z-move animations can be skipped

Click here to see a guide on how to skip Z-move animations.

Z-move text changes

The text for Z-moves during their animation are more vibrant than Sun and Moon’s.

New Maps and Side-events

New map

  • Big Wave Beach
  • Heahea Beach
  • Pikachu Valley
  • Dividing Peak Tunnel
  • Ultra Space

New side events

Apart from the part-time jobs that existed in Sun and Moon, you can participate in more side events.

  • Ultra Space World
  • Legendary Pokemon
  • Haunted Trainer’s School Event
  • Bewear Show
  • Rescue an Alolan Vulpix
  • Chuuster the Pikachu
  • Pokemon Psychology Test

Improved Island challenges

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon retained the Island Challenges and Grand Trials that appeared in the previous versions, however some slight adjustments were added such as new objectives, Totem Pokemon and the SOS called Pokemon that they summon.

Notable improvements include the addition of Trial Captain Mina’s Island Challenge.

Removal of Zygarde cell collection

Zygarde Cells no longer exist in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, instead the Totem Stickers have replaced this mechanic.

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A more interactive Rotom Dex

Previously on Sun and Moon, Rotom Dex interacted with the trainer after accomplishing certain feats. In Ultra Sun and Moon, whenever Rotom finds a new Pokemon that is not yet registered on your dex, it will notify you on the screen.

New Content Summary 1

You can further develop your bond with the Rotom Dex by answering its questions after achieving certain milestones. By giving it attention, Rotom Dex’s eyes will start glowing and can reward you with Roto Loto powers.

Since it is also a Pokemon, be sure to spend some time with it and you will eventually receive the “Z Rotom Power,” which grants you another turn to activate your Pokemon’s “Z-move.”

Spawn Location Changes

The expansion of the Rotom Dex introduces new Pokemon native to Alola.

Click here to see a detailed guide on the new Pokemon.

Trainers’ Pokemon Changes

Pokemon Trainer Gladion recruits Zorua on his team, while Pokemon Trainer Dexio or Sina adds Smoochum to their team.

Totem Pokemon Changes

The Totem Pokemon during Lana’s Trial is now Araquanid, while in Kiawe’s Trial you will face the Totem Alolan Marowak.

New Move Additions

Pokemon receive new moves through breeding, and tutoring.

Fossil Pokemon Additions

New Content Summary 2

When you visit Olivia’s Shop at Konikoni City, you can purchase new fossils in addition to the old ones available from Sun and Moon.

Ultra Sun Ultra Moon
Dome Fossil(Kabuto) Helix Fossil(Omanyte)
Claw Fossil(Anorith) Root Fossil(Lileep)
Skull Fossil(Cranidos) Armor Fossil(Shieldon)
Cover Fossil(Tirtouga) Plume Fossil(Archen)
Jaw Fossil (Tyrunt) Sail Fossil (Amaura)

New Feature

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