Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to get a Rare Candy: Guide

A guide on Rare Candies, their use, and how to obtain them reliably in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon by using the Battle Tree.

Rare Candy

The Rare Candy is an item that recurs within the Pokemon series. It boosts a Pokemon’s level by one, which can be quite useful for learning moves and evolution. However, these Rare Candies can be a bit rare and should be used wisely. After all, it isn’t an item that players can easily buy from shops.

Rare Candies can also be sold for quite an amount of Pokedollars, should the player be out of cash. One piece gets you around 5000 to 6000 Pokedollars a piece, but selling them is not recommended.

How to get a Rare Candy

Getting this special item can be done in a number of ways. In fact, some players can even farm them if they have the right set-up. Here are some ways to get Rare Candies:

  • Winning over 20 times in the Battle Tree. After winning over your twentieth time, approach the receptionist to get a Rare Candy. However, make sure you have Pokemon that are fully prepared to battle when challenging the Battle Tree.
  • Players can also get Rare Candies by accumulating Battle Points (BP.) One Rare Candy costs 48 BP which players can get from the receptionist on the left hand side of the Battle Tree lobby.
  • Players can capture an Alolan Meowth who has the ability to pick up things after battle. After reaching Lvl 51, the drop rate of this item increases considerably.

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  1. if you do battle receptions where you battle with other peoples pokemon you will get rare candys after its how i got 50 if them….

  2. Feed your pokemon candy, after fights and offten as possible.go to a pokemon center and go to the cafe area and talk to the dude he will give you rare candy ive done this multiple timea got 3 already and just started the game so basically feed candy to pokemon talk to cafe dude recieve rare candy its always nice to buy something since he gave you a rare cany that coast like 6 grand when he sells things for like 2cent