Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Poni Island: Walkthrough Directory

This page contains a Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Walkthrough directory for Poni Island, including Grand Trial, Ultra Space and Mina's Trial.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: Poni Island Walkthrough


Poni Island walkthrough
Walkthrough Obtain / Unlock
Grand trial Dragonium Z / Ride Pager: Machamp / TM55 “Scald”
Ultra Space
Mina’s trial Fairium Z

Seafolk Village

  • When you talk to Lillie, Mina will appear.

Poni Wilds

  • Pass through Poni Wilds to reach the Ancient Poni Path.

Ancient Poni Path

  • You will encounter Hapu in front of her house.
  • Hapu’s grandmother will give you the Machamp Ride Pager.

Poni Breaker Coast – Ruins of Hope

  • Go with Hapu to the Ruins of Hope. You need to complete a puzzle using the Machamp Ride. The solution to the puzzle is indicated below.
    • First, move the left block upwards three times.
    • Then, move the block located in the middle to the right just once.
    • Finally, drop the same block in the hole that is 2 squares up.
  • Watch the Island Kahuna ceremony.

Seafolk Village

  • Talk to Mina. Then, travel to Exeggutor Island on the S.S. Magikarp.

Exeggutor Island

  • Help the Exeggutors on the island.
  • Proceed to the furthest area of the island where the ancient pedestal is located.
  • Take the Sun Flute (Ultra Sun) or Moon Flute (Ultra Moon) from the pedestal.

Ancient Poni Path

  • Defeat the two Team Skull grunts that will challenge you on your way to Vast Poni Canyon.
  • You will get the Poisonium Z from Plumeria.

Vast Poni Canyon

  • Meet with Hapu and Lillie.
  • You will be challenged by Ultra Recon Squad Dulse (Ultra Sun) or Soliera (Ultra Moon).
  • Proceed to the altar.
  • Be ready to begin the Grand Trial.

Altar of the Sunne / Altar of the Moone

  • Use the flute with Lillie at the altar.
  • Dusk Mane Necrozma (Ultra Sun) or Dawn Wings Necrozma (Ultra Moone) will appear and challenge you.
  • Talk to the Ultra Recon Squad to enter the Ultra Wormhole.

Ultra Megalopolis

  • Battle Necrozma at the Megalopolis Tower.
  • Necrozma will travel to a different location.
  • You will receive Poipole from Dulse (Ultra Sun) or Soliera (Ultra Moon).
  • Talk to Zossie (Ultra Sun) or Phyco (Ultra Moon) to return to Alola.

Altar of the Sunne / Altar of the Moone

  • Get the Beast Ball from Lusamine.

Seafolk Village

  • Talk to Mina to begin her Trial.

Exeggutor Island

  • Challenge Island Kahuna Hapu to a battle.

Ula’ula Island – Lanakila Mountain

  • Gladion will challenge you to a battle before the entrance to Pokemon League.
  • Battle Necrozma in Lanakila Mountain.

Pokemon League

  • Defeat the Alolan Pokemon League Elite Four.
  • Challenge the Pokemon League Champion.
  • Enter the Hall of Fame.

Walkthrough Directory

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