Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Pokemon Refresh: Guide

You can increase the affection with your Pokemon using Pokemon Refresh. Through this feature, you can pet, groom, and feed your Pokemon after battle.

Pokemon Refresh

You can increase your Pokemon’s Affection by using Pokemon Refresh. Through this feature, you can pet, groom, and feed your Pokemon after a battle or in your free time. Furthermore, through grooming you can cure any status effects that your Pokemon has received in a battle, so you won’t have to use any items that do the same after a battle.

Affection/Petting/Full Stomach


As your Pokemon’s Affection level rises, the experience that it gets in battles also increases. In addition, it will also increase your Pokemon’s Evasion stats, so raising the Affection of your Pokemon is valuable in getting bonuses during battle. You can see your Pokemon’s Affection in a chart located in the “Pokemon Select” screen of Pokemon Refresh.


Keep petting your Pokemon until small hearts appear in the screen. The small hearts will disappear once the Enjoyment gauge (indicated by musical notes in the chart) reaches its maximum capacity.

Full Stomach

You can also see how full your Pokemon is on the chart. Once it reaches its maximum (5 beans,) the Pokemon will not eat anymore.

Advantages of raising your Pokemon’s Affection

There are a number of benefits that a Pokemon receives on leveling their Affection level. This ranges from experience boosts to a number of advantages in battle.

(Number of Hearts)
2 Hearts ・EXP gained in battles is x 1.2
3 Hearts ・The Pokemon may still have 1 HP after receiving a blow that would
normally make it faint
4 Hearts ・May evade the enemy’s attack.
・Status effects may be healed after the turn ends.
5 Hearts ・Higher chance of landing a critical hit

Affection in Pokemon Refresh is different from Friendship Rank

As opposed to Affection, Friendship, or Happiness, is the feature with which you can evolve certain Pokemon (ex. Pichu and Munchlax) once the gauge reaches a required level.

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