Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ultra Beasts Locations List: Guide

The Ultra Beasts are extra-dimensional creatures that appear in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon in the wormhole. They can become abnormally powerful...

Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Beasts, in lore, are extra-dimensional creatures that arrive through Ultra Space Wormholes. According to research, the Ultra Beasts have knowledge that transcends that of humans. No one knows exactly why they’re in the Alola Region. However, they are seen to have heightened abilities that can exceed Pokemon if angered enough.

In order to fight the Ultra Beasts, the Alola Region created the UB Task Force. The UB Task Force would then respond to any sighting of the Ultra Beasts that appeared. Hence, they began what they called the Beast Killer Project. The Beast Killer Project involved the UB Task Force creating the Pokemon Type: Full in order to fight them. However, the project ended in a failure which led to the renaming of the Pokemon to Type: Null and the creation of the Beast Ball.

ultra beasts

Ultra Beast Locations List

Each of the Ultra Beasts are given a codename as they are not exactly Pokemon. However, there are some that are exclusive to the versions.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Exclusive to Ultra Sun Exclusive to Ultra Moon
Nihilego Buzzwole Pheromosa
Xurkitree Kartana Celesteela
Poipole & Nagandel Blacephalon  Stakataka

Ultra Beast: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

UB01 – Nihilego

  1. Ultra Beast Nihilego’s first appearance is in the Aether Foundation. However, players cannot catch Nihilego yet. It’s only when Lusamine forces Cosmog to create an Ultra Wormhole for the player to pass through.
  2. Enter the White Wormhole in the Ultra Space.
  3. Sit down on a chair at the end of the corridor and Nihilego will appear.
  4. Once Nihilehgo appears, it’ll attack you and give you a chance to capture it.

UB04 – Xurkitree

  1. Once you enter the White Wormhole, you’ll find the Ultra Plant.
  2. Look for the area that looks like the Xurkitree.
  3. Head up to the top of the are and watch lightning strike a tree. Xurkitree will then appear.
  4. Confront the Xurkitree for your chance to catch it.

UB Adhesive- Poipole & Nagandel

  1. Poipole is a Level 40 Ultra Beast that the Ultra Recon Squad owns. They will give it to you but you first have to defeat Necrozma.
  2. Once Necrozma goes down in Megalopolis, speak to the Ultra Recon Squad and they’ll hand you Poipole.
  3. If you wish to evolve your Poipole to Nagandel, head to Mount Lanakila.
  4. When you reach Mt. Lanakila, head to the Poke Center that leads to the Elite Four.
  5. There, speak to the Move Reminder. But make sure you have a Heart Scale on hand.
  6. Pay 1 Heart Scale to the Move Reminder to teach Poipole Dragon Pulse. Delete any move of your choice to make room for Dragon Pulse.
  7. Once Poipole learns Dragon Pulse, level it up once to have it evolve into Naganadel. You can level it up by either using it in battle, Rare Candy, or even by using Exp Share.

UB Glutton – Guzzlord

  1. Found in the Ultra Ruins.
  2. Head through the White Wormhole and head towards the ruins of Hau’oli city.
  3. Once you reach the end of the are, Guzzlord will appear to fight you.

UB Necrozma

  1. After defeating Ultra Necrozma in the main storyline, travel to Mt. Lanakila.
  2. Look for a weakened crater to find the original Necrozma.
  3. Confront it to begin your chances of catching it.

Ultra Beasts: Ultra Sun Only

UB02 – Buzzwole

  1. Ultra Beast Buzzwole appears only in Pokemon Ultra Sun in the Ultra Jungle.
  2. When you enter the Ultra Jungle, look for a large area of trees connected by vines.
  3. Approach the tallest tree and watch a small volcano erupt. Once it erupts, Buzzwole will appear and give you a chance to capture it.

UB04 – Kartana

  1. Appears only in Pokemon Ultra Sun. Head to the Ultra Forest area.
  2. When you reach the Ultra Forest area, look for a small forest path with flowers that look like Kartana.
  3. Proceed further to find two trainers. Defeat the two trainers and you’ll spot Kartana staring at a rock.
  4. Confront Kartana to begin the battle.

UB Burst – Blacephalon

  1. Complete the game first by defeating the Elite Four in Pokemon Ultra Sun.
  2. Once the Elite Four are down, head down to Poni Grove. Don’t forget to bring along your Beast Balls.
  3. When you arrive at Poni Grove, Blacephalon will be waiting for you right there to confront it.

Ultra Beasts: Ultra Moon Only

UB03 – Pheromosa

  1. Pheromosa appears in the Ultra Desert in Pokemon Ultra Moon.
  2. First, find the White Wormhole. Then, find the strength puzzle which you need to solve using Machamp’s Shove.
  3. After solving the strength puzzle, Pheromosa will appear and give you a chance to catch it.

 UB04 – Celesteela

  1. Exclusive only to Ultra Moon, Ultra Beast Celesteela appears at the Ultra Crater.
  2. Using the White Wormhole, get to the Ultra Crater and make your way to the end of the area.
  3. Once you reach the end of the area, watch the cutscene as Celesteela rises from the ground.

UB Assembly – Stakataka

  1. Complete the game first by defeating the Elite Four in Pokemon Ultra Moon.
  2. Once the Elite Four are down, head down to Poni Grove. Don’t forget to bring along your Beast Balls.
  3. When you arrive at Poni Grove, Stakataka will be waiting for you right there to confront it.

Tips on Catching theUltra Beasts

  1. Stock on Beast Balls; they have a better catching rate than the regular pokeballs for the Ultra Beasts.
  2. If you have one pokemon that’s super effective to it, make sure you have one at the same level of the Ultra Beasts to prevent over-kills.
  3. Have one of your Pokemon learn False Swipe. Most particularly, have your tanky one learn it. In doing so, it can sustain the damage as you desperately try to catch the Ultra Beasts.
  4. One of your Pokemon should have any move that puts the Ultra Beast to sleep or to paralyze. Using the other conditions such as Burn, Poison, and Confuse may end up killing the Ultra Beasts. If insistent, make sure the Ultra Beast is at least 20% HP.

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