Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to get a Shiny Charm: Guide

Whether you like Shiny Pokemon or collecting, check out our How to Get a Shiny Charm guide to find out how to obtain this Key item in Ultra Sun and Moon.

How to get a Shiny Charm

Shiny Charm is a Key Item that raises the chance to find a Shiny Pokemon. The item takes effect on both the wild Pokemon and the bred ones.

Shiny Pokemon

Coveted for their rarity by most players, shiny Pokemon are Pokemon that have a different coloration than their original counterparts. When encountered in the wild, they can easily be distinguished thanks to the presence of sparkling stars that appear.

Chance to find a Shiny Pokemon

The rate by which wild Pokemon and bred Pokemon appear as shiny is a measly 1/4096. To increase the odds of finding one, players should seek the Shiny Charm. When players have the Shiny Charm in their bag, they can triple the chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon.

Shiny Charm location

To receive a Shiny Charm, the player must complete the entire Alola Region Rotom dex excluding the Mythical Pokemon such as Magearna, and Marshadow to name a few.

Once you complete it, proceed to Heahea City in Akala Island. Locate the Game Freak headquarters on the second floor, it is the building on the left of the Dimensional Research Lab. Look for the Director at the right side of the office and show him your completed Alola Region Pokedex. In recognition of your efforts, he will reward you with the Regional Dex stamp on your Trainer Passport, and the Shiny Charm.

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