Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Unchangeable Decisions: Guide

There are many unchangeable decisions in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In this article we will provide information on irreversible in-game decisions.

Unchangeable Decisions in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

There are many unchangeable decisions in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.


At the beginning of the game, you can choose from 9 languages: JapaneseEnglishSpanishFrenchGermanItalianKoreanChinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified). Language settings cannot be changed after the starts.

Name of the Player Character

You can choose your character’s name at the start of the game. However, once you name your character, you won’t be able to change it once the game has begun.

  • Don’t give your parents a strange name. You will have trouble at the battle tower or if you need to swap in the middle of a match.

Main Character’s Skin Color and Sex

Along with the player-character’s name, you will decide your player’s skin color and sex at the beginning of the game.

There are four skin colors for each sex. Decide carefully for both skin color and sex, because you can’t change these in-game.

Name of a traded Pokemon

If another Pokemon player trades you a Pokemon, you cannot change its name. You have to be careful because you can’t change the name of the Pokemon you’ll receive from other people in other countries.

If you send Pokemon from ORAS or XY, they can’t return to the original software. You won’t be able to change their nicknames. Be careful for your Pokemon’s sake.

Legendary Pokemon

You only have one shot to catch a Legendary Pokemon. They do not come back when defeated. They will also not reappear if you load your game upon their defeat.

Since two Legendaries: Poipole and Necrozma can be encountered and caught in the story mode, be careful.

Master Balls

Master balls are limited and valuable items you can find as you progress through the story. Apart from that, it can be obtained by Fest Circle, attaching a capture book to Kujiya, or connecting to the global link for a lmited time.

Use Master Balls when you really need to, because there’s no substitute for balls that guarantee you a hundred percent chance to capture Pokemon.

Master balls aside, focus on items with highly available and valuable items with limited quantities.

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  1. Im pretty sure in the wormholes you can get multiple ultra beasts and ive accidentally killed several legendaries before, which is why you save before you fight them. Also they will come back if you kill them if you beat the elite 4 again like in previous games. But just save before you fight am important battle to avoid that bullshit.

  2. That’s not true cause I killed a legendary in the ultra wormhole and soleago and your allowed to keep battling soleago until capture as for the wormhole you have to keep going back but eventually you do find them again but can only capture them once.