Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Post-Game Events

After the Pokemon League, you can continue your journey with Post-game events like the Rainbow Rocket Episode, catching legendaries, or the Battle Tree.

Available Post-Game Events after Completing the Pokemon League

Capturing Ultra Beasts

After defeating the Pokemon League for the first time, you’ll have access to several post-game events. The first thing you can do is capture the Ultra Beasts. If you’re playing Pokemon Ultra Sun, you can battle and capture UB Blacephalon; In Pokemon Ultra Moon you get to battle UB Stakataka.

Take note, however, that the Rainbow Rocket Episode will not begin unless you’ve completed the Ultra Beast Scenario.

Foregoing the Ultra Recon Squad will postpone the Ultra Beast event. You can speak to them again once you’ve made all the necessary preparations to catch the Ultra Beasts which are located in the Ultra Space.

Rainbow Rocket Episode

Once you’ve completed the first run-through of the Pokemon League and become champion, another one of the post-game events you can start would be the Rainbow Rocket Episode.

Once you’re back home on Melemele Island, Sophocles will arrive and a cutscene will play. This will trigger the extra Rainbow Rocket Episode.

Capture Other Legendary Pokemon

Following your first victorious run through the Pokemon League, you are free to capture the other legendary Pokemon available in the game such as Solgaleo, Lunala, and Zygarde. Their events occur in different places in the game.

Defend Your Championship

You can have a go at the Pokemon League again in order to defend your title against the Elite Four and the latest challengers to your championship.

  • Defending Your Pokemon League Title

Take the Battle Tree Challenge

Also, once you’ve become the Pokemon League Champion, the Battle Tree area will be unlocked. This is located at the old road on Poni Island. Test your mettle and climb up the ranks by battling even more challenging opponents in the Battle Tree.

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