Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to Evolve Eevee to its Different Evolutions: Guide

Eevee has nine evolutionary choices in the Pokemon Universe. This article will tackle the different evolutions of Eevee and how to get each one of them.

Eevee Evolution Tips

Eevee Evolution

Eevee is the only known Pokemon to have nine different evolutionary choices. The outcome of who will it be depends on many factors, including where you level up, what stone you give them, and what day you level them up. These are the nine Eevee evolutions you can try out.

Evee Evolution Type How to Evolve
Vaporeon Icon


 Water  Give Eevee a Water Stone.


 Electric  Give Eevee a Thunder Stone.
Flareon Icon


 Fire  Give Eevee a Fire Stone
Espeon Icon


 Psychic  Max Eevee’s friendship. Level up during the daytime.
Umbreon Icon


 Dark  Max Eevee’s friendship. Level up during the nighttime.


 Grass  Level up near the Moss Rock.
Glaceon Icon


 Ice  Level Up near the Ice Rock.
Sylveon Icon


 Fairy  Teach Eevee a fairy-type move. You must also have at least two affection hearts.

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