Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - QR Codes Island Scan: Guide

QR Codes Island Scan

Island Scan is basically searching for a Pokemon in a particular island that is not included in the Alolan Pokedex. Each QR code scan warrants you 10 points for the island scan. You need atleast 100 points in order to proceed to the Island Scan.

Rules for QR Scan

  • You can only scan up to 10 slots while you can recharge one scan every two hours.
  • You will not be able to scan the same code twice. The memory will recharge when you use an Island Scan.

Island Scan

You can search for Pokemon in a particular area and time after you have gathered enough QR scans. Do take note that these Pokemon are not native to the Alolan Region and can be considered rare Pokemon in USUM.

Pokemon caught through Island Scan will know specific egg moves unless they do not have any.


  • You only have one hour to catch the Pokemon.
  • The Pokemon that will appear in the scan depends on where you are and what day it is.
  • The Pokemon cannot call for Help (SOS Battle)
  • Running away from the fight does not end the one hour timer.


Melemele Island
 Day  Pokemon Place of Appearance
 Sunday  Charmander  Route 3
Monday  Squirtle  Seaward Cave
Tuesday  Onix  Ten Carat Hill
Wednesday  Horsea  Kala’e Bay
Thursday  Scatterbug  Hau’oli City
Friday  Bulbasaur  Route 2
Saturday  Litwick  Hau’oli Cemetery
Akala Island
 Day  Pokemon Place of Appearance
 Sunday Ralts Route 6
Monday Spheal Route 7
Tuesday Combusken Route 8
Wednesday Honedge Akala Outskirts
Thursday Beedrill Route 4
Friday Grovyle Route 5
Saturday Marshtomp Brooklet Hill

Ula’Ula Island
 Day  Pokemon Place of Appearance
 Sunday  Rhyhorn Blush Mountain
Monday  Swinub Tapu Village
Tuesday  Prinplup Route 16
Wednesday  Grotle  Ula’ula Meadow
Thursday  Pidgeot Route 10
Friday Monferno Route 11
Saturday Axew Mount Hokulani
Poni Island
 Day  Pokemon Place of Appearance
 Sunday  Eelektross Poni Grove
Monday Aggron Poni Plains
Tuesday  Rotom  Poni Gauntlet
Wednesday  Leavanny  Poni Meadow
Thursday  Chesnaught  Exeggutor Island
Friday Greninja  Poni Wilds
Saturday Delphox Ancient Poni Path


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