Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Battle Tree Information on Plumeria: Guide

After defeating Plumeria in the main storyline, Pokemon Trainer Plumeria appears in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon as a trainer in the Battle Tree.

Battle Tree Information on Plumeria


How to Battle Plumeria at the Battle Tree

Plumeria, the former Team Skull Admin, appears in the Battle Tree as another trainer for the player to fight. Like always however, she still specializes in using Poison Type Pokemon save for her using a Lurantis as one of her possible choices. Having also a Salazzle, she can also take down any possible Bug, and Grass Type Pokemon should any of your Pokemon have that particular type as one of its primary or secondary types.

While going through the Super Singles Matches, she appears after every 10 battles. However, she cannot repeat Pokemon in battle in which she can only use one of each.

Plumeria’s Pokemon

The following Pokemon that will be used by Pokemon Trainer Plumeria will be chosen at random. Since no two Pokemon of the same species may enter, only one of the possible Held Item and move sets will be chosen.

Pokémon Type Held Item Possible Moves
Gengar Ghost/Poison Gengarite Shadow Ball
Destiny Bond
Sludge Bomb
Payapa Berry Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Dazzling Gleam
Salazzle Poison/Fire Firium Z Overheat
Dragon Pulse
Sludge Wave
Fake Out
Focus Sash Fire Blast
Sludge Bomb
Nasty Plot
Fake Out
Crobat Poison/Flying Razor Claw Brave Bird
Cross Poison
Zen Headbutt
Wide Lens Hypnosis
Aerial Ace
Cross Poison
Toxapex Poison/Water Red Card Baneful Bunker
Ice Beam
Black Slugde Baneful Bunker
Lurantis Grass Power Herb Solar Blade
Leech Life
Poison Jab
Quick Claw Sunny Day
Solar Blade
Brick Break

Strategies to Defeat Plumeria

Pokemon Trainer Plumeria’s party will consist of Pokemon at level 50. Since majority of her Pokemon are Poison type, your team better be equipped with some Psychic Type Pokemon or Ground Type Pokemon. Or, you can also bring Steel Type Pokemon which are immune to Poison. The main threats to your group would either be Gengar or SalazzleSalazzle having Fire type attacks and Gengar being partially a Ghost Type.

Pokemon that will shine in this battle ground would be Pokemon like Garchomp due to it being a Ground Type Pokemon. Though, you’ll have to watch out for Salazzle if it has Dragon Pulse. Krookodile can also deal heavy damage due to it being both Dark and Ground Type which will check the Gengar while dealing damage to the rest of her Pokemon. However, have a Fire Type Pokemon or even Poison Type Pokemon will do against the Lurantis.

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