Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Trial Captains List: Guide

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, there are different Trial Captains scattered across the different islands in the Alola Region. Each captain has their own...

Trial Captains

Trial Captains serve as the overseers to specific trials on specific islands. Before they rise to that rank, they too need to complete the trial at least a few years prior. However, they don’t stay as a Trial Captain forever. Majority of the Trial Captains retire by the age of 20. When they do, they either train a successor or have the Kahuna choose a successor for their position.

In the Alola Region, they are the substitutes for Gym Leaders in the previous games. Each Trial Captain specializes in a particular type. For example, Lana of Akala Island specializes in Water Type Pokemon similar to Crasher Wake and Cerulean Gym Leader Misty. Unlike the former series however, the island isn’t limited to only one Trial Captain. But take note, a single island can have multiple trial captains.

List of Trial Captains

Each island has a specific number of Trial Captains. Each of them has a specific kind of trial where players must battle and think their way through. Not all trials are the same in nature. Some of them have the player looking for items or driving creatures towards an area.

Melemele Island

Upon reaching this island, Melemele Island only has one Trial Captain. Ilima is a specialist in Normal Type pokemon similar to Whitney from Gen II.

Name Location Pokemon Type
 Ilima Verdant Cavern Normal

Akala Island

akala island trial captains

Akala Island has three trials under three different captains. Lana is the first you face on Brooklet Hill as the Water Type Trial Captain.  Kiawe as the second for the Fire Trial. Last but not the least, Mallow is the third trial captain for Akala Island.

Name Location Pokemon Type
Lana Brooklet Hill Water
Kiawe Wela Volcano Park Fire
Mallow Lush Jungle Grass

Ula’ula Island

When you reach the third island, you’ll notice that Ula’ula Island has two captains: Sophocles and Acerola. Fun Fact: Ula’ula Island is the only island whose trial captain chose a successor. Molayne, the former trial captain, chose Sophocles as his replacement for Ula’ula Island. Acerola on the other hand still remains on Ula’ula Island as the Ghost type trial captain.

Name Location Pokemon Type
Sophocles Hokulani Observatory Electric
Acerola Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site) Ghost

Poni Island

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Poni Island didn’t have any trial captain. But players still had to go through an automated trial. However, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon now introduces Mina as the Fairy-Type Trial Captain of Poni Island.

Name Location Pokemon Type
Mina Unknown Fairy

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