Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Useful Areas and Facilities: Guide

Welcome to the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon guide for useful areas and facilities! Here, you can find out what exactly you need and how to get it.

Useful Areas and Facilities

While going through Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, there are a lot of useful areas and facilities for the player to go. Especially during Post Game, some players would like to personalize and customize their team.

Developing your Pokemon

The facilities below can help develop a player’s Pokemon. Commonly, these useful areas help a player change their Pokemon’s growth and even help them enhance their abilities in general.

Name Location Description
Name Rater Heahea City; Tourist Information Center Change the Pokemon’s nickname.
Pokémon Breeder Paniola Ranch Breeds two Pokemon to create an egg.
Friendship Rater Konikoni City; North of the Technical Machine shop Rates a Pokemon’s Friendship towards you.
Hyper Training Hau’oli City Shopping Mall Increases stats even if the Pokemon is beyond Lv 100.
IV Judge Battle Tree Reception Desk Hatch 20 Eggs to be able to see IVs of Pokemon.

Pokemon Aesthetics

Changing a Pokemon’s appearance can definitely do some wonders. Especially if you’re planning to go for the Alola Photoclub, changing a Pokemon’s Aesthetics can definitely be useful. Below are the useful areas and facilities for changing your Pokemon’s appearance.

Name Location Description
Rotom Appearance Change Hau’oli City Edge – Route 1
Pokémon Institute Basement 1st Floor
Changes Rotom’s form.
Gracidea Hau’oli City Shopping Mall Allows players to buy Gracidea for Shaymin.
Nectar Melemele Island:Melemele Meadow(Night)
Akala Island:Royal avenue (Day)
Ula’ula Island:Ula Ula Meadow
Poni Island:Poni Meadow
Oricorio changes form when fed a particular Nectar.
Griseous Orb Hau’oli City Shopping Mall; Antique Shop Sold at 10000 pokédollar.
This item cannot be destroyed and allows Giratina to stay in its Origin Form.
Red Orb Hau’oli City Shopping Mall; Antique Shop Sold at 10000 pokédollar.
Red Orb allows Groudon to transform into Primal Groudon.
Blue Orb Hau’oli City Shopping Mall; Antique Shop Sold at 10000 pokédollar.
Blue Orb allows Kyogre to turn into Primal Kyogre.
Reveal Glass Heahea City; Dimensional Reserch Lab, speak to Professor Barnet Available only after clearing the Akala Grand Trial.
Changes form of Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus between forms.
Furfrou Change Form Malie City; Hair Salon Changes Furfrou from black to white.
Deoxys Form Change Hokulani Observatory Changes Deoxys form.
Zygarde Dissamembling and Assembling Unit Route 16, Aether Base Combines and separates Zygarde depending on the amount of cells.

If you want to know how to complete Zygarde, click here.

Various Plates Hau’oli City Shopping Mall; Antique Shop Must finish the 3rd Grand Trial.
Players can buy 8 different plates.
The Ninth is a hidden plate in Hau’oli City.
Genesect’s Drive Route 8 You don’t need Genesect. All you have to do is to complete the first grand trial.
DNA Splicer Secret Laboratory A; Aether Foundation Post Game – Speak to the Aether Foundation Employee to create the different forms of Kyurem.
Prison Bottle Secret Laboratory A; Aether Foundation Changes Hoopa’s form from Hoopa Confined to Hoopa Unbound until placed in the PC.
Silvally’s Memory Aether Paradise 2F After Gladion gives you Type: Null, he’ll also give you Silvally’s memory.

Legendary Items

Name Location Description
Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb,Griseous Orb, Red Orb, Blue Orb Hau’oli City Shopping Mall; Antique Shop All items can be bought at the Antique Shop at 10000 pokédollars.
Soul Dew Secret Laboratory A; Aether Foundation After finishing the game, speak to the assistant.

Evolution Items and Facilities

For Pokemon with evolution conditions other than level up see below:

  • Some Pokemon need to level up at a certain area in order to evolve. For example, Eevee’s two forms – Glaceon and Leafeon – are place specific.
    • Mossy Rock – Eevee must level up near a mossy rock to turn into Leafeon.
    • Icy Rock – Eevee must level up near an icy rock to turn into Glaceon.
  • Fossil Pokemon need to be restored at the Fossil Restoration Center along Route 8.

Battle Facilities

These useful areas in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon focus on boosting a Pokemon’s combative abilities.

Name Location Description
Battle Buffet Hau’oli City Shopping Mall You can only do this once a day. Pay 1200 pokedollars to get as many dishes within 10 turns.
Battle Royal Royal dome Players can battle offline with other trainers and exchange the BP they gain for items.
Battle Styles Outer Cape of Malie City Speak to Gester at the outskirts and he’ll teach different styles.
Pokémon Recovery Hau’oli City Outskirts Go to your house and speak to your mother to have your Pokemon healed.
Iki Town; Island Kahuna Hala’s house Players can heal their Pokemon by interacting with the bed.
Paniola RanchMiltank Right before the Daycare. Look for a Miltank standing next to the trainer.
Wela Volcano Park Speak to the woman standing at the entrance.
Route 10 Look for one of the trial guides standing near the entrance.
Route 11 Trial guide near the entrance heading back to Malie City.
Ancient Poni Path; Hapu’s House Speak to the Miltank.

Move Tutors

The Move Tutors are one of the more useful facilities especially when trying to build a competitive team.

Name Location Description
Move Deleter Hau’oli City; Pokémon Center Makes Pokemon Forget moves.
Move Reminder Lanakila Mountain; Pokémon Center Teaches Pokemon moves even if it’s beyond their level. Requires 1 Heart Scale.
Hidden Power Paniola Ranch; Pokémon Breeder Hidden Power upon activation will tell what type of damage it deals.
Move Tutors Hau’oli City; Shopping Center Teaches the first evolution of the starter Pokemon.
Move Tutors Hau’oli City; Shopping Center Teaches the final evolution of the starter Pokemon. Requires High Friendship.
Move Tutor (Volt Tackle) Konikoni City There’s a woman with 3 Pikachu’s who will teach you Volt Tackle after giving you the Pikanium Z.
Secret Sword Move Tutor Hano Grand Resort Hotel Teaches Keldeo Secret Sword.
Relic Song Move Tutor Hano Grand Resort Hotel Teaches Meleotta Relic Song.
Draco Meteor Move Tutor Seafolk Village;Pokémon Center Teaches Dragon Pokemon with high friendship ratings Draco Meteor.
Move Tutor (Dragon Ascent) Seafolk Village;Pokémon Center Rayquaza can learn Dragon Ascent from this move tutor.

Various Tools

Name Location Description
Rare Candy Pokemon Center Cafe The more Pokebeans you feed to your Pokemon, the more Rare Candy you get.
ID Lottery Hau’oli City Tourist Information Center If you hit all five numbers on the Lottery, you’ll get a Master Ball as a prize.
Heart Scale Konikoni City Restaurant (Z-Meals)
Malie City Sushi High Roller (Z- Kaiseki Meals)
Seafolk Village Wailord Noodleshop
Every time players buy a certain amount of meals, the players will 2~4 Heart Scales in return.


Name Location Description
Berries beneath the trees Various areas Once a day, players can harvest berries from beneath the trees.
Berries in the Thrifty Megamart Royal avenue – Thrifty Megamart Once a day, players can farm for berries in the Thrifty Megamart.

Specialty Shops

Name Location Description
Boutique Various Areas Buy clothes and accessories to add to the player’s fashion choices.
Salon Various Areas Change the hairstyle and colour of the player.
Malasada Shop Melemele Island:Hau’oli City
Akala Island:Royal Avenue
Ula’ula Island:Malie City
Creation of Malasada to improve stats.
Vending Machine Various Areas Buy drinks for your Pokemon.
Shopping Mall Hau’oli City Clear the first Grand Trial first.
Thrifty Megamart Royal avenue Buy coupons to get other items.
Incense Shop Konikoni City Buy incenses to improve pokemon’s moves.
Herbalist’s Shop Konikoni City Sells medicine for Pokemon.
Evolution Stone Konikoni City – Olivia’s Shop Players can buy Fire, Thunder, and Water Stones here.
Fossils Konikoni City – Olivia’s Shop Players can buy a variety of fossils:
Skull Fossil (US only)
Cover Fossil
Armor Fossil (UM only)
Plume Fossil


The only area to change sounds is the Jukebox.

Name Location Description
Juke Box Festival Plaza After reaching Rank 40 in the Festival Plaza, the player can change the BGM.


Name Location Description
Effort Ribbon Royal Dome The Pokemon must reach base stats of over 510 in order to get the Effort Ribbon.
Footprint Ribbon Hano Grand Resort Hotel Given to a Pokémon whose current level is 30 higher than the level it was caught or received at.
Best Friends Ribbon Malie Community center Requires a Pokemon with max affection before getting the ribbon.


Name Location Description
Fitting Room Various Boutiques Players can change their looks in the Fitting Room to check if the design appeals to them.
Game Freak Office Heahea City Game Freak Game Freak Director will be available to challenge once a day when the player becomes champion. If you defeat him the first time, he’ll give you and Oval Charm.
Pyukumuku Tossing Hano Beach Talk to the man in the hotel to throw Pyukumuku back into the sea. Once done, you’ll get 20,000 pokedollars. You can only do this once a day.
Hall of Fame Office Front of the Pokemon League Features all the Pokemon you’ve used to defeat the Elite Four.

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