Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Poke Ball List: Guide

Know all the types of Poke Ball found in Pokemon USUM by reading our Poke Ball List. Also, learn where to find each type of Poke Ball in the game.

Poke Ball List

Here is a list of all types of Poke Ball found in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. The list also includes the effects of each Poke Ball as well as where to find them.

Poke Ball Name Effect Where to Obtain
Poke Ball Standard ball (Catch rate x1.0) Shops in various locations
Great Ball Higher catch rate than a standard ball (Catch rate x1.5) Shops in various locations (after Ilima’s trial)
Ultra Ball Catch rate x2.0 Shops in various locations (after Mallow’s trial)
Master Ball 100% Catch rate Given after defeating Lusamine (Aether Paradise) Loto-ID Prize (Hau’oli City)
Premier Ball White Poke Ball (Catch rate x1.0) Buy 10 or more Pokeballs at a shop
Heal Ball Heals captured Pokemon after battle (Catch rate x1.0) Shop in Route 2 (Melemele Island) Shop in Royal Avenue (Akala Island)
Nest Ball Catch Pokemon with lower level easier (Maximum catch rate x8.0). Applies to Level 40 or lower. Shop in Route 2 (Melemele Island) Shop in Royal Avenue (Akala Island)
Luxury Ball Doubles Friendship Gained (Catch rate x1.0) Local shops
Repeat Ball Pokemon that you’ve caught at least once will be easier to catch (Catch rate x.3.5) Shop in Paniola Town
Timer Ball Pokemon is easier to catch the longer the battle is (Maximum catch rate x4.0) Shop in Paniola Town
Net Ball Catch rate x3.5 on Water or Bug type Pokemon Shop in Paniola Town
Quick Ball Pokemon is easier to catch on the first turn (Catch rate x5.0) Local shops
Dusk Ball Catch rate x3.5 at night or in caves Local shops
Dive Ball Catch rate x3.5 underwater Local shops
Fast Ball Easier to catch Pokemon with 100 Base Speed or more (Catch rate x4.0) Mount Hokulani
Level Ball Easier to catch Pokemon with lower level (Catch rate x2.0). If the level difference is higher the catch rate is higher as well. Mount Hokulani
Lure Ball Easier to catch Pokemon encountered via Fishing Rod Geothermal Power Plant in Blush Mountain (Ula’ula Island)
Heavy Ball The heavier the Wild Pokemon is the easier they are to catch Mount Hokulani
Love Ball Catch rate x8.0 if the wild Pokemon is the opposite gender of your Pokemon in the battlefield Given at the Malie Library in Malie City (Ula’ula Island)
Friend Ball Sets Friendship to 200 after capturing Pokemon Given at the Recycling Plant in Malie City (Ula’ula Island)
Moon Ball Easier to catch Nidorino Nidorina Jigglypuff Clefairy Skitty and Munna (Catch rate x4.0) Given at Mount Hokulani (Ula’ula Island)
Beast Ball Easier to catch Ultra Beasts (Catch rate x5.0) You can get this after beating the main story. These pokeballs are obtained in different locations.

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  1. some of the locations arent true like for the luxury ball quick ball dive ball and dusk ball are found in dif areas than just shops

  2. I’m not sure why the Luxury Ball, Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, and Dive Ball are labeled as “local shops”. I mean, how vague can you be? So, I did some searching, and I found the locations for anyone who seeks:

    Luxury Balls: Route 2 PMC (Melemele)
    Quick Balls: Route 8 PMC (Akala)
    Dusk Balls: Route 8 PMC (Akala)
    Dive Balls: Route 8 PMC (Akala)

    You’re welcome!