Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Stoutland Search Hidden Item Locations: Guide

Sniff out the hidden items scattered across the islands of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with this handy-dandy Stoutland Search Item Locations guide.

Stoutland Search Hidden Item Locations

The Pokemon Stoutland is an obtainable Ride Pager.

Note: Currently the list of item locations detailed on this guide were taken from Sun and Moon. We will be updating this as we go along.

Ride Pager Stoutland can be obtained from “Paniola Ranch” in Route 5 on Akala Island. Summon Stoutland as a Poke Ride and perform a “Search” by holding down the B button. Whenever Stoutland sniffs out an item, it will signal to you with a “!” mark.

When the “!” mark is highlighted in green, it means that the hidden item is close. By the time the “!” mark becomes highlighted in red, it informs you that the item is on that exact spot.

List of Hidden Items

Melemele Island

Hidden Item Area Location
Pearl Route 1 Coast near the laboratory
Poké Ball Trainer’s School On the right edge of the entrance
Great Ball Trainer’s School On the court’s left circle near Rising Star Joseph
Pearl Hau’oli Outskirts Near the palm tree on the lone islet
Fresh Water Hau’oli City Behind the palm trees on the beach
Stardust Hau’oli City Appears on grass patches near the Malasada Shop
Repel Route 2 Motel’s parking lot, near the lamp post
Stardust Route 2 Behind the berry fields
Great Ball Hau’oli Cemetery By the entrance under the lamp post
Ether Hau’oli Cemetery Center of the cemetery
Repel Berry fields Right side of the plot
Paralyze Heal Berry fields Leftmost side of the field near some planting equipment
Revive Verdant Cavern Past some breakable rocks near the second nest
Energy Root Verdant Cavern Totem Chamber
Stardust Route 3 On the upper alcove surrounded by patrolling bird shadows
Honey Melemele Meadow On the rock near the male Tourist
Honey Melemele Meadow Near the rock on the flower bed
Honey Melemele Meadow On the center of the flower bed near the Seaward Cave entrance
Star Piece Seaward Cave Nook on the lower right of the map
Stardust Seaward Cave Near the Super Potion spot next to a cluster of rocks
Ether Ten Carat Hill Inside the cave, it requires Ride Pager Machamp
Star Piece Ten Carat Hill Farthest Hollow, examine the grass patches on the upper left

Akala Island

Hidden Item Area Location
Tiny Mushroom Route 4 On the tapered opening behind the signboard
Dire Hit Route 4 Near the tourist spot
Big Mushroom Route 4 On the rightmost side near the berry tree
Fresh Water Paniola Town On the edge of the left pond
Revive Paniola Town Near the cart filled with hay
Super Repel Paniola Town By the entrance to Route 6
Repel Paniola Ranch
Moomoo Paddock
Near Tauros and Miltank
Fresh Water Paniola Ranch
Moomoo Paddock
Beside two Tauros
Moomoo Milk Paniola Ranch
Moomoo Paddock
Close to the farm
Soda Pop Paniola Ranch Lower part of the map, behind the signboard
Super Repel Paniola Ranch Lower part of the map, on the tall grass near the Poke Breeder
X Sp. Defense Paniola Ranch Near the crates
Big Mushroom Paniola Ranch On the tall grass on the lower right side
Star Piece Route 5 North side, right side check the left side of the boulder
PP Up Route 5 North side, inspect the rock on the right
Nugget Route 5 South side, jump down the platform then check the right side flanked by two nests
Elixir Brooklet Hill On the first grass patch
Max Repel Brooklet Hill Flanked between two grass patches
X Speed Route 6 Beyond the grass patch, follow the dancer’s line of sight
Carbos Route 6 Inspect the space past the grass patch behind the dancer
Soda Pop Royal Avenue On the parking lot near a pair of Team Skull members
Rare Candy Royal Avenue Follow the straight path to the right of the flower garden
Net Ball Route 7 Check the coast near the exit to Royal Avenue
Max Repel Route 8 Near the path leading to Route 7, check the ground near the fishing spot
Adrenaline Orb Route 8 Near the female Rising Star
Iron Route 8 Behind the Pokemon Center (right side)
Awakening Route 8 Right side of the Fossil Restoration Center facade
X Sp. Atk Lush Jungle West section, on the center of the grass patch
Hyper Potion Lush Jungle North section, check near the signboard
Heal Powder Lush Jungle North section, examine the tall grass on the left
X Defense Lush Jungle Tall grass above the entrance
X Attack Lush Jungle East section, near the rock which requires the Ride Pager Tauros
Escape Rope Diglett’s Tunnel Left side of the Black Belt
X Attack Diglett’s Tunnel Near the foot of the steps
Nugget Diglett’s Tunnel Check the wooden crate close to the wagon
X Accuracy Route 9 Left cliff
Heal Powder Memorial Hill Second tombstone
Adrenaline Orb Memorial Hill Bottom tombstone on the lower left
Revival Herb Memorial Hill Left of Madame Sayuri
Super Repel Memorial Hill Upper left tombstone
Tiny Mushroom Akala Outskirts Grass patch on the upper right
Big Mushroom Akala Outskirts Grass patch on the upper left
Tiny Mushroom Akala Outskirts Central grass patch
Soda Pop Hano Grand Resort Under the big umbrella
Pearl Hano Grand Resort South side of the beach
Pearl Hano Grand Resort Central section of the beach
Heart Scale Hano Grand Resort North side of the beach
Heart Scale Hano Grand Resort North side of the beach
Pearl Hano Grand Resort On the foot of the tower

Ula’ula Island

Hidden Item Area Location
Rare Bone Malie Garden Left side under the tree
Lemonade Route 10 By the rock near Malie City
Tiny Mushroom Route 10 Opposite side of the berry tree
Rare Candy Mount Hokulani On the gap of the railing near the Hiker
Stardust Route 11 Check the grass patch near the Guide that heals your Pokemon
Stardust Route 11 Examine the tall grass near the center of the map
Star Piece Route 11 Inspect the tall grass close to Preschooler Hayden
Pearl Secluded Shore Near Swimmer Sara
Big Pearl Secluded Shore Between the Slowpoke
Big Pearl Secluded Shore Near the berry tree
Pearl Secluded Shore Check near Police Officer
PP Up Route 12 Bottom left side, check the tall grass
Pearl Route 14 By the entrance
Big Pearl Route 14 Left of Collector Kawika
Pearl Route 15 Check the spot behind the Fisherman
Normal Gem Route 15 Follow the coast past the fisherman on the leftmost side of the map
X Attack Route 17 Search the right cliff
Dire Hit Route 17 Inspect the lamp post by entrance to Po Town

Poni Island

Hidden Item Area Location
Big Pearl Poni Wilds Check behind the slope leading to the beach
Pearl Poni Wilds Check the center location above Dancer Julia
Repeat Ball Poni Wilds Bottom left of the beach, on the coast northwest of Dancer Julia
Revival Herb Ancient Poni Path Check the backyard of Hapu’s house
PP Up Ancient Poni Path Right spot near Collector Raymond
Calcium Poni Breaker Coast Lower right part of the map near a geyser
Big Pearl Exeggutor Island Check the cave with Lillie
Heart Scale Exeggutor Island Top right most of the map near the Prism Scale
Nugget Vast Poni Canyon First Cave section near the Backpacker Perdy
X Attack Vast Poni Canyon Area before the second cave
X Sp. Atk Vast Poni Canyon Examine the rock near the location of TM “Dazzling Gleam”
PP Max Vast Poni Canyon Cross the bridge and check the boulder
X Defense Vast Poni Canyon Small passage flanked by rocks

Mount Lanakila

Hidden Item Area Location
PP Max Mount Lanakila On the left side of the Pokemon Center

Poke Ride Exclusive Spots

Hidden Item Area Location
Rare Candy Melemele Sea Shore north of the entrance to Ten Carat Hill
Protein Ten Carat Hill Move the boulder that requires Ride Pager Machamp
Pearl Kala’e Bay Southwest side of the beach
Big Pearl Kala’e Bay Check the middle spot of the distant south beach islet
Rare Candy Lush Jungle Right side of the map, it requires Ride Pager Machamp

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