Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Recommended Effort Value Earning Methods: Guide

This article will discuss some helpful Effort Value earning methods you can use while playing Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.

What is Effort Value?

A parameter that accumulates according to the Pokémon defeated. EV affects status. Check out our effort value article for more details.

How to earn Effort Values Efficiently

A good method to earn Effort Value is to use SOS training. While battling Pokémon in the wild, bring down your opponent’s health until it nearly faints. Then, wait for another wild Pokémon to come to its aid. Defeat the weak Pokémon and the new Pokémon to gain more EV.

What to Prepare

  • Power Item
  • Pokerus
  • Adrenaline Orb
  • False Swipe
  • Substitute

Specific Effort Value Earning Methods

  1. Change the EV yield of the Pokémon by putting it in a Pokerus state. Once it is infected, its EV yield will increase even if its cured. Remember to turn off XP share when you are transferring Pokerus, so that you don’t spend extra EV.
  2. Changing the EV yield requires the Pokémon to have a Power Item. Turn on EXP Share 
  3. Fight a battle with Pokémon that have the effort value you want. See table below. 
  4. Use False Swipe to leave your opponent at 1 HP.
  5. Use Adrenaline Orb.
  6. If the wild Pokémon did not call a companion, use an Adrenaline Orb.
  7. Defeat seven companions in order to gain 252 EV.

Items that Raise EV

Stat Pokémon Place Remarks
HP Slowpoke Hauoli City – Lost Grass Since Slowpoke carries Yawn, stock up on items such as Awakening or Full Heal to wake them up.
Attack Sandile
Heina Desert While sandstorms can grant you EV, Castform might get in the way.
Defense Geodude
Route 12 Since Geodude may carry the Sturdy Ability, use a Pokémon that has Mold Breaker.
Special Attack Psyduck Brooklet Hill
Special Defense Tentacool Sea
Speed Diglett
Diglett Tunnel

Easy Effort Value Earning Methods

If you leave Pokémon in Poke Pelago and Isle Evelup, their EV rises over time.

It’s very useful because you can specify the stat you want to level up. If you deposit the Pokémon before going to bed or leaving your home, leave it alone and wait. If it is level 3, it will accumulate up to 252 EV in 31 hours and 30 minutes without Poke Beans.

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