Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Festival Coins Farming: Guide

Festival Coins are the currency used in the Festival Plaza in order to buy things or open new things. Looking for a way to farm them? Here's how.

Festival Coins Farming

Festival Coins or FeC is a currency used in the Festival Plaza where players can buy or utilize the facilities. However, that isn’t all the Festival Coins do. The more Festival Coins you gain, the more facilities you unlock. Some of the facilities can only open up after you farmed enough Festival Coins. However, gaining enough FeC is not easy. It may take some time especially since the rank increase requirements increase in different increments.

However, players don’t need to passively farm it. There are also other active ways to farm this special currency.

How to farm Festival Coins

  1. Speak to the people with red speech bubbles – When you arrive at the Festival Plaza, there are different people standing around. Some of the people have blue speech bubbles; others have red speech bubbles. Approach the ones that have red speech bubbles in order to get missions from them. After accomplishing your mission, you’ll gain at least 5-10 Festival Coins per mission.
  2. Participate in the attractions – There’s an everyday spawn of three tickets which the players can use for the attractions. However, the tickets are only used if the player is offline from the Festival Plaza. If the player is online, they won’t need to use the tickets. At the same time, the payout of internet-connected Festival Plaza is much bigger than the one that’s done offline.
  3. Figure out which attraction shells out the most – If you’re looking for the fastest way to farm, the best way to check is through the Fortune Teller. The Fortune Teller will tell you which attraction will shell out the most FeC.

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