Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Festival Plaza Premium Services and Features: Guide

These Festival Plaza Premium Services cater to the different needs of a player in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. However, not all the services are consistent.

Festival Plaza Premium Services and Features

As you continue to rank up in the Festival Plaza, you’ll continuously unlock new facilities as you go along. Some of these Festival Plaza Premium Services include changing the colour of your clothes for those into Fashion Wars. Others, if highly competitive and involved in the battle scene, can bolster the EVs and IVs depending on where they go. However, these Festival Plaza Premium Services are not always consistent as the Fortune House will tell you where you can make the most out of certain places.

Bouncy Houses

  • The Bouncy House is one of the Festival Plaza Premium Services where players can EV train their pokemon.
  • As of now, there are only three available Bouncy Houses:
    • Clink Clunk Land – Defense and Special Defense EV
    • Stomp-Stomp House – HP and Speed
    • Thump- Bump Park – Attack and Special Attack

Dye Houses

  • When the player receives white fashion clothes, players can go to the dye houses and dye them in particular colours. They can also use berries to dye their clothes.
  • There are 8 available Dye Houses in reference to the team: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue, purple, and pink.

If you’re looking for the dye combinations, click here.

Food Stalls

  • Among the food stalls, players can buy items that can rapidly increase certain aspects of their Pokemon.
    • Rare Kitchen – sells food that increases a Pokemon’s level.
    • Friendship Cafe – sells food that increases a Pokemon’s affection.
    • Friendship Parlor – sells items that increases a Pokemon’s affection.
    • Battle Table – sells items that increase a Pokemon’s stats.

Fortune Teller Tents

  • The Fortune Teller tents will tell you where you’ll get better prizes among the Festival Plaza Premium Services.
  • Fortune Tellers will also give you phrases that you can add to your messages as a means for good luck.
  • List of Tents:
    • Kanto Tent
    • Johto Tent
    • Hoenn Tent
    • Sinnoh Tent
    • Unova Tent
    • Kalos Tent
    • Pokemon House

Goody Shops

  • Players can buy a variety of items depending on what shop they go to.
  • List of shops:
    • General Store – sells different kinds of items.
    • Ball Shop – sells different kinds of Pokeballs save for the Master Ball.
    • Battle Store – sells Battle Items.
    • Pharmacy – sells Potions, Heals, Status Healers.
    • Soft Drink Parlor – sells Drinks.

Haunted Houses

  • If players can clear the Haunted House, they’ll receive certain items.
  • There are three different Haunted Houses: Confuse Ray, Trick Room, Ghost’s Den.
  • Below are the items players can win from the Haunted House, depending on rarity.
Confuse Ray Trick Room Ghost’s Den
Sacred Ash
Bottle Cap
PP UP Max Revive Max Elixir
Heart Scale
Patterned Beam
Festival Ticket
HP up Iron Calcium
Protein Carbos Zinc
Full Heal Hyper Potion Ultra Ball
Hard Stone

Lottery Shops

  • If players roll in a particular lottery, they can also earn certain items.
Lottery Name 1st Prize 2nd Prize
Big Dreams Master Ball Rare Candy
Gold Rush Big Nugget Nugget
Treasure Hunt Gold Bottle Cap Bottle Cap

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