Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Island Kahuna List: Guide

The Island Kahuna are the grand leaders of each of the islands in the Alola Region in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. They also are the final obstacles...

Island Kahuna

The Island Kahuna are the grand trial captains. Unlike the Trial Captains, there can only be one Island Kahuna per island. Each Kahuna represents the deity of the specific island and are in charge of multiple things such as tending to the ruins and selecting Trial Captains. In the lore, those who become Kahuna cannot refuse the appointment. However, there are several ways for them to lose their reign. One way is that the deity rejects them entirely or dying in the case of Hapu’s grandfather.

The Kahuna serves as the final obstacle of the particular island’s trials. And these Island Kahuna are not a pushover. Before the establishment of the Alola Pokemon League, the Kahuna served as the Alola Region’s “Elite Four”. The tradition states that after a trainer completes all the trials, he or she must scale Mt. Lanakila and fight all the Island Kahuna again in a row before being declared the Alola champion.

List of Kahuna

Left to right: Hala, Olivia, Nanu, and Hapu

All throughout the Alola Region, there are only four Kahuna. Each of them represent a single type and specialize in that particular type of pokemon.

Name Island Location Type
Hala Melemele Lilli’i Town Fighting
Olivia Akala Ruins of Life Rock
Nanu Ula’ula Malie City Dark
Hapu Poni Vast Poni Canyon Ground

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