Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Melemele Island: Walkthrough

This page contains a Walkthrough for Melemele Island, including Trainers and Pokemon encountered, items, Trial Captains and the Island Kahuna challenge.

Melemele Island

Beginning a New Game

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’s game introduction plays when you start a New Game. You will be introduced to Professor Kukui and to the world of Pokemon. Start by customizing your character’s appearance and name. Afterwards, the game will begin in Hau’oli City on the Melemele Island map – your character’s home city.

Note: The information contained here are taken from Pokemon Sun and Moon. We will be updating them when Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon comes out.

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Hau’oli City

  1. Your character will start in your hometown called Hau’oli City on Melemele Island. Walk downstairs and get the Hat and Backpack in the box at the lower right corner of the first floor.
  2. You will meet Professor Kukui outside your house. Then, follow Melemele Island Route 1 and head to Iki Town. A cutscene will play and you will be introduced to Hau, your rival.

Iki Town

  1. You can explore the area if you want.
  2. Afterwards, head north from Iki Town and go to Melemele Island Mahalo Mountain Trail.

Mahalo Mountain Trail

  1. You will see another cutscene when you reach the Melemele Island mountain path. Run to the girl’s mysterious Pokemon to help it. When the bridge crumbles, Tapu Koko of Melemele Island will arrive to save you.
  2. Take the Sparkling Stone that was left on the ground.
  3. Head back to Iki Town.

Iki Town (Revisited)

  1. A cutscene with Professor Kukui will play again. You will now be able to choose your starting Pokemon (Litten, Popplio or Rowlet which are Fire, Water and Grass type respectively). It is recommended to choose Popplio as it will be able to use Fairy-type moves early on in your battles on Melemele Island
  2. Professor Kukui will give you a Pokedex and a Trainer’s Pass. Afterwards, Hau will challenge you to a battle. Note that he will choose a starter that is weak to what you chose. For instance, he will have Litten if you took Popplio.
  3. Return to your house in Hau’oli City and store the Sparkling Stone.
  4. Set out again for Melemele Island Route 1.

Route 1

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Pikipek 3
Ledyba 2-3
Caterpie 2
Yungoos 3
Bonsly 12


Name Location
Potion Near the gray rock beside the stairs to Iki Town.
Nest Ball Inside the area blocked by rocks. (Needs Tauros)
Zygarde Cell

Trainers Encountered

Name Pokémon Reward
Youngster Kenta Rattata (Lv. 3) 60 pokédollars
Lass Yui Caterpie (Lv. 3) 72 pokédollars
Preschooler Minoru Yungoos (Lv. 4) 48 pokédollars
  1. Professor Kukui will teach you how to catch Pokemon on Melemele Island. You will also receive 5x Potions and 10x Pokeballs.
  2. Head to Iki Town on Melemele Island again.

Iki Town (Revisited)

  1. You will meet Hala (the Melemele Island Kahuna) when you arrive at Iki Town again. You will battle Hau again when you reach the second round of stairs.
  2. Hau will have a Pichu that uses Static. Avoid using Physical Attacks which can paralyze you if you use them on Pichu. It is also recommended to bring Paralyze Heal and Potions if you have any.
  3. You wil get the Z-Ring from Melemele Island Kahuna Hala (which will allow you to use Z-moves). Lillie will also appear and talk to you.
  4. Return home and sleep.

Hau’oli City

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Slowpoke 7
Wingull 6
Yungoos 6


Name Location
Awakening Just beyond the grassy area to your left

Trainers Encountered

Name Pokémon Reward
Lass Madison Wingull (Lv. 7) 144 pokédollars
Youngster Kevin Grubbin (Lv.6) 120 pokédollars
  1. Go with Lillie to see Professor Kukui at the Melemele Island Pokemon Research Lab Lab. Your mom will give you 30,000 pokedollars.
  2. When you arrive at the Melemele Island Pokemon Research Lab, Professor Kukui will upgrade your Pokedex to a Rotom Pokedex. You will also receive an Island Amulet.
  3. Proceed to the Melemele Island Trainer’s School marked on the Rotom Pokedex.

Trainer’s School

Pokémon Encounters

Name Possible Levels
Magnemite 8
Grimer (Alola) 7
Meowth (Alola) 6


Name Location
Potion Under the palm tree to the right of the Melemele Island Trainer’s School entrance
Antidote Middle of the west side of the Melemele Island Trainer’s School, within tall grass
Paralyze Heal Bottom of the west side of the Melemele Island Trainer’s School
Potion Bottom left corner of the playing court at your left
Quick Claw From a woman inside the Melemele Island Trainer’s School

Trainer Encounters

Name Pokémon Reward
Youth Athlete Hiromi Pikipek (Lv. 8) 224 pokédollars
Youngster Joey Metapod (Lv.7) pokédollars
Preschooler Mia Bonsly (Lv. 7) 84 pokédollars
Rising Star Joseph Grimer (Alola)(Lv. 7) 384 pokédollars
Teacher Emily Magnemite (Lv. 8)/ Meowth (Alola)(Lv. 9) 432 pokédollars
  1. You and Lillie will arrive at the Hau’oli City Pokemon Center. You can heal your Pokemon and buy items from the Poke shop there. Afterwards, proceed west to the Melemele Island Trainer’s School.
  2. Professor Kukui will appear at the Melemele Island Trainer’s School. From here, you must defeat four trainers in the school. You will also receive Exp. Share.
  3. You can explore the Melemele Island Trainer’s School for items and wild Pokemon before doing the challenge. When you are ready, challenge the four trainers. Their locations are indicated below.
    • Along the Melemele Island Trainer’s School’s right-side wall.
    • Left of the Melemele Island Trainer’s School, a little beyond the fence.
    • Beside the stairs in the Melemele Island Trainer’s School building.
    • At the playing court.
  4. You will receive TM01 (Work Up) when you defeat the four trainers of the Melemele Island Trainer’s School. Afterwards, you need to defeat the teacher. She uses Magnemite (Lv.8) and Meowth (Lv.9). Rock-type moves are very effective against them. You will receive 5x Great Balls for winning. Watch the cutscene afterwards.

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