Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Pokemon Trainer Fashion Runway: News

With the players having a new selection of clothes and colours, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon's definitely allowed players to have a Fashion Runway.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Fashion Runway

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon’s wide customization options literally turned this game into a large fashion runway. With the new apparel and avatar options, players can dress up their trainers in anyway they choose. At the same time, the new Alola Photo Club feature indulges the player’s wishes for a glitz and glam Pokemon Fashion Runway. And it comes with more benefits, players that take picture with that certain kind of Pokemon will increase the affection of the Pokemon towards the trainer.

Below, here are some samples of trainers and their looks in the Pokemon Fashion Runway.

Fashion Runway Themes

Black and White

Simple, daunting but elegant – black and white is definitely a good choice especially with duotone set-ups. Black and white shows off a little of that Noir style of the past. And to top it off, those simple black sunshades definitely work well with her short, platinum blonde bob cut hair. Let’s not forget that floral white and black hat to help add some glitz to her white and black striped blouse and plain black pleated skirt.

Warm Summer

Looking for something to showcase your vibrant personality? Look no further to a nice red floral sleeveless top to emphasize the energetic and flamboyant side. With the plain khaki shorts and the simple light brown hat, matching a vibrant red top with a pair of white sandals will definitely bring out the Warm Summer personality in you.

Cool Make Up

When we say “cool” make-up, we mean bringing the colour of the oceans and the beach. With blue eye shadow and a nice green lipstick accent, it’ll definitely make even the simplest of white clothes shine. Definitely works well with a monochromatic theme for clothes such as white and khaki. Some even wear a cap for extra spunk for the adventurer in them.

Going Nautical with Primarina

If you have a Primarina, chances are you’re going to want to go Nautical for a statement on the Fashion Runway. With the white and blue striped theme for Nautical fashion, players can definitely bring out the beauty in their Water Pokemon. Instead of going for the usual mermaid look, players can go with a sailor look. While Primarina brings out the elegance, the Nautical style will definitely give that edge for their photos.

Accent Shorts are the way to go!

If you have a white top or any neutral color, you can always pair it with a more colorful accessory or clothes. This is what we call “accenting”. Accenting with a more vibrant color can bring out the personality depending on the color combination. Most of the time, accenting uses shocking and flashy colors that catch the players’ eye while making a bold statement: “I’m here! Look at me! Love me!”

Clash Fashion

What better way to make a statement down the Fashion Runway than to use two colors that match but clash at the same time? Using a dark, brooding color like black, go with a pastel pink top for a hint of cuteness or you can go blood red for feisty passion. But for those who don’t want to look too intimidating yet still have a hint of maturity, black and pastel colours are the way to go!

Black + White Loli

Another Black and White theme for the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Fashion Runway! While some players opt for a more geometric and elegant black and white combination, using Black and White with ruffles has another theme: the Loli theme. With a little flare in the skirt and floral accent in the air, having a monochrome Black and White can definitely swing from mature to elegant and pretty instead of the usual mature look.

Trying to find a good clothes combo? Want to get featured? Check out our clothes article right over here!

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