Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Climb the Battle Tree: Guide

Find out how to scale to the top by reading our Climb the Battle Tree guide for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Climb the Battle Tree

The Battle Tree returns as a post-game accessible location from Sun and Moon. Much like the Battle Tower from the previous games, the Battle Tree hosts generates randomized Pokemon Battles against different trainer classes. For each time you defeat a trainer, you can earn a Battle Point (BP).


Similar to the Flat Rules during Wi-Fi battles, the Battle Tree does not allow some Special Pokemon with high base stat totals and Mythical Pokemon to compete.

Mewtwo Mew Lugia
Ho-Oh Celebi Kyogre
Groudon Rayquaza Jirachi
Deoxys Dialga Palkia
Giratina Manaphy Phione
Darkrai Shaymin Arceus
Victini Reshiram Zekrom
Kyurem Keldeo Meloetta
Genesect Xerneas Yveltal
Zygarde Diancie Hoopa
Volcanion Cosmog Cosmoem
Solgaleo Lunala Necrozma
Magearna Marshadow

Battle Tree Regulations

The number of eligible Pokemon depends on the format. For Single Battle, the trainer must select three Pokemon. In a Double Battle, the trainer must select a maximum of four Pokemon. Multi Battle permits two trainers to compete as a duo and they can bring two Pokemon each.

In addition to the number of Pokemon eligible, the trainer cannot bring two of the same Pokemon in his party. Trainers can give held items to their participating Pokemon but they cannot give identical items to two or more Pokemon.

When you participate in the Battle Tree, you can no longer swap your team. For each battle, your progress will be recorded by the attendant. If your game shuts off during Battle, it will be counted as a loss.

Normal Line

Select among the three formats Single, Double, and Multi battle.

To finish a round in one of the formats, you must achieve streak of 20 wins without breaking. At the 20th battle, you will encounter a Battle Legend.

The Battle Legends are summarized as:

  • Single Battle: Battle Legend Red
  • Double Battle: Battle Legend Blue
  • Multi Battle: Battle Legends Red and Blue

Once you defeat Battle Legend Red, he will appear at the Battle Tree entrance. Talk to him to obtain the following megastones Venusaurite, Charizardite X, Charizardite Y, and Blastoisinite.

Super Line

When you defeat the Battle Legend for the first time, you can unlock the corresponding Super Line which includes Super Single, Super Double, and Super Multi.

Contrary to the Normal Lines, the Super Lines are infinite and will only end when the player is defeated. Since the payout rises when the streak increases, it is recommended to build an effective team when dealing with the Battle Tree.

For achieving certain winning streaks, you can battle against Special Trainers.

Battle Tree Special Trainers

Similar to the previous games, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon retains the Battle Tree Special Trainers and expanded the roster with more trainers.

Battle Legend
Red Blue
Special Trainers
Cynthia Wally
Colress Grimsley
Kiawe Mallow
Guzma Plumeria
Dexio Sina
Anabel Lillie
Kukui Mina
Sophocles Giovanni


For every 10 consecutive wins, you will receive BP. By reaching certain milestones in the Battle Tree, you can claim rare items.

By accumulating BP, you can exchange them with the stalls near the Battle Tree, or Battle Royale in Royal Avenue for some precious items and mega stones.

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