Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Summary of Items and their Uses: Guide

Items in the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon game have different uses depending on what they can do. Some are used for evolution; others for more passive reasons

Summary of Items and their Uses

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, the players have a bag that contains all the items players get. Each item has their own use depending on the situation at hand. However, unlike the previous games, Generation II Pokemon Games such as Pokemon Silver and Gold then began splitting the bag into compartments. As the games continued over the years, the bag split into more compartments.

However, the items still have categories in which they fall under.

Summary of Items and Their Uses

Nature of Item Description
 Recovery Items Heals Pokemon of their depleted HP and also heals their status effects during and after battle.
Berry Items Players can pick up berries from under the trees or from certain Pokemon after catching them. Some berries can be planted in the Poke Pelago.
Poke Balls The Pokeballs are what players use to catch Pokemon. Some Pokeballs have better chances of catching certain Pokemon. Hence, each Pokeball has a different set of multipliers.
Evolution Hold Items These are given to a Pokemon to evolve. However, the evolution also has another condition while the Pokemon holds this item. Players must sometimes trade the Pokemon holding the item. Others just need a level up to evolve into the form with the held item.
Fossils Fossils can be brought to the Fossil Restoration center to bring back ancient Pokemon. The first generation Fossil Pokemon being Kabuto, Omanyte, and Aerodactyl are Fossil Pokemon that players needed to restore in Cinnabar Island.
Mega Stones Mega Stones allow certain Pokemon to achieve their Mega Evolution.
Z Crystal The Z Crystals are a recent item that players can use to unleash devastating attacks against their enemies. Each Z Crystal suits different Pokemon depending on their type. However, not all Pokemon have a Z Crystal. Other Pokemon have specific Z Crystals for them to use for their Z Moves.
Battle Items (Held) Battle Items split into two categories: one being for passive uses and the other being for more active uses. These normally have a condition before activating. Other times, the effects of these are passive in nature.
Battle Items (Active) When using Active Battle Items, the player – not the Pokemon – must be the one to use the item. Some of them activate certain effects that can boost your Pokemon’s combat ability in battle.
Key Items These are things that cannot be destroyed and are essential to the story.
TM (Technical Machine) The TMs take in the form of disks which players can use to teach their Pokemon new moves to survive battles. This is useful especially for players building a competitive team.
Miscellaneous Items These are the items that do not fit anywhere in the categories.

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