Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ultra Beast Guide

Following the Pokemon Sun and Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon introduces new Ultra Beasts players can capture as part of the post-game quests.

What is an Ultra Beast?

Following Pokemon Sun and Moon’s introduction of the Ultra Beasts, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon gives a couple of new Ultra Beasts that players can capture.

Ultra Beasts are Pokemon that originate from the Ultra Space. They appear in Alola by going through Ultra Wormholes and possess immense power. Ultra Beasts are drawn to people who went through Ultra Wormholes, as they sense residue of Wormhole Energy which they need to return to Ultra Space.

According to studies, Ultra Beasts that pass through the Ultra Wormhole tend to become disoriented when they reach Alola. Hence, they become highly combative.

The new Ultra Beasts are Poipole (UB Adhesive), Blacephalon (UB Burst), and Stakataka (UB Lay). Poipole can be caught in both Ultra Sun and Moon, while Blacephalon is exclusive only in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Stakataka is only available in Pokemon Ultra Moon.

How to Encounter Ultra Beasts

Similar to Pokemon Sun and Moon, after you’ve defeated the Pokemon League, you can speak with the Ultra Recon Squad to begin the Ultra Beast storyline. This will enable you to hunt and capture the Ultra Beasts that are scattered in various locations in Alola.

While the Ultra Beasts can be captured with regular Pokeballs, it is best to use the Beast Balls, since these are modified to contain and mitigate the Ultra Beasts’ vast and varying energy levels.

Ultra Beast List

Here is an updated list of available Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon:

Name Type Version Available
Nihilego Rock, Poison all versions
Buzzwole Bug, Fighting Pokemon Sun / Ultra Sun
Pheromosa Bug, Fighting Pokemon Moon / Ultra Moon
Xurkitree Electric both versions
Celesteela Steel, Flying Pokemon Moon / Ultra Moon
Kartana Grass, Steel Pokemon Sun / Ultra Sun
Guzzlord Dark, Dragon all versions
Blacephalon Fire, Ghost Pokemon Ultra Sun
Stakataka Rock, Steel Pokemon Ultra Moon
Poipole Poison Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon
Naganadel Poison, Dragon Pokemon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon


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