Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ultra Burst and Ultra Assembly: News

For Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, looks like there are two new Ultra Beasts coming out. There's Ultra Burst and Ultra Assembly, one for each version.

Ultra Burst and Ultra Assembly: News

In the latest release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, two new Ultra Beasts have arrived. While Necrozma does make his appearance, there’s now Ultra Burst and Ultra Assembly. Ultra Burst and Ultra Assembly intend to stomp their way through Alola and make their presence known. As of the moment, there’s not much known about Ultra Burst and Ultra Assembly save for one thing. Only one of the two will appear depending on what version the player buys. For example, if the player buys Pokemon Ultra Sun then, Ultra Beast: Burst will appear. As for Pokemon Ultra Moon, Ultra Beast: Assembly will appear.

Ultra Burst and Ultra Assembly
Source: Pokemon Matome

Ultra Beast: Burst

Ultra Beast: Burst is a clown, firework looking Ultra Beast. Like any other Ultra Beast, it has the special ability of Beast Boost. Every time it fells an enemy, its stats increase. From the looks of it as well, this Ultra Beast: Burst appears to be more of an offensive type in comparison to Ultra Beast: Assembly. Players take note: Ultra Beast: Burst may deal a whole lot more damage than you think. But you might wonder, what relationship does it have with Dusk Mane Necrozma? Nobody knows; all people know is that it comes from the Ultra Dimension. Nevertheless, it may be the more offensive among the two new Ultra Beasts.

Ultra Beast: Assembly

Ultra Beast: Assembly (or in Japanese: UB: LAY) is a Pokemon Ultra Moon exclusive Ultra Beast. Based on appearance alone, he appears to be more of a defensive-type in comparison to Burst. Also, he is capable of casting Iron Defense which moves its Defense stat up two stages. It also has the same inherent ability that all Ultra Beasts have, Beast Boost. Any enemy that dies against Ultra Beast: Assembly grants the latter an additional stat up. According to the Pokemon Ultra Moon lore, Ultra Beast: Assembly is said to be 10.8 metres tall which makes him the tallest among them.

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