Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Ashina Depths Walkthrough

A complete walkthrough for Ashina Depths in Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice including quest and boss strategy guides.

Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice

Ashina Depths Walkthrough

Area: Ashina Depths Poisoned Swamp

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

1 Cross the poisoned swamp.
2 Defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi.
3 Reach the lair of the Headless Guardian Ape.

Area: Headless Guardian Ape Lair

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

1 Defeat the Headless Guardian Ape.

Area: Hidden Forest

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

1 Climb up the rocks using the grappling hook.
2 Push down the tree and move ahead using the grappling hook.
3 Proceed along the foggy path and defeat the enemies along the way.
4 Climb the tree in the middle of the hill.
5 Make a right from the fork road and defeat Tokujiro the Glutton.
6 Move forward and climb the cliff on the right.
7 Use the grappling hook to climb the tree and land on the second floor of the building.
8 Exit the left side of the building and battle Mist Noble.
9 Get off the cliff to the Mibu Village Sculptor’s Idol.

Area: Mibu Village

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

1 Head to the right side of the village and get the Pine Resin ember at the end of the path. This is used to upgrade the Flame Vent Prosthetic Tool.
2 Go to the left of the village and climb the left where the fence blocks the path. A Gourd Seed can be obtained at the large tree by the fence.
3 Proceed to the Water Mill Sculptor’s Idol.

Area: Water Mill

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

1 Defeat O’rin of the Water.
2 Cross the bridge and proceed through the passage on the left side of the building.
3 Battle the Corrupted Monk (Illusion).
4 Get the Shelter Stone inside the cave.
5 Access the Abandoned Dungeon Sculptor’s Idol to reach Ashina Castle entrance.

Walkthrough List

Ashina Depths Strategy

Snake Eyes Shirahagi

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

Snake Eyes Shirahagi will be waiting for you at the poison swamp. You get the drop on her by approaching from the Sculptor’s Idol and using the grappling hook on the large Buddha hand statue to reach the platform above her. You will be able to take out one of her HP bars using a Shinobi Deathblow to make the fight easier.

Headless Guardian Ape

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

Headless Guardian Ape Boss Guide

The Headless Guardian Ape’s attacks are very similar to those used by the Guardian Ape (2nd Phase). The only difference is that it will summon another Guardian Ape during the 2nd phase of the fight. Prioritize taking out the brown Guardian Ape first, though remember to keep both enemies visible in your screen the entire time. The brown Guardian Ape has only 1 HP bar, so quickly reverting the fight into a 1-on-1 situation is the best strategy. Note that you can end the fight by just killing the Headless Guardian Ape, though it will be tough managing two enemies at the same time.

Hidden Forest Fog

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walklthrough

Navigating through the Hidden Forest can be challenging because of the fog. However, you can hug the wall on your left while moving forward. You can take out enemies along the way using shuriken.

Mist Noble

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

One of the weakest named enemies in the game, you can easily kill the Mist Noble by using a Shinobi Deathblow from above and attacking him as he tries to get up.

O’rin of the Water

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

O’Rin of the Water Mini-Boss Guide

O’rin attacks fast and the only way to defeat her is to get familiar with her moves. You also need to watch out for when she turns spectral and cannot be damaged. A good strategy to reliably damage her is to create some distance and bait her into performing her double slash attack. Make her miss by stepping back, then slash her as she recovers from her attack. Repeat the process and she will be defeated.

Corrupted Monk (Illusion)

Sekiro Ashina Depths Walkthrough

Corrupted Monk (Illusion) Boss Guide

Using Snap Seeds allows you to do considerable damage to the boss. Make sure to use Divine Confetti as they are extremely effective against spectral enemies. If you’re having trouble dodging the boss’ attacks, you can use the Firecracker Shinobi Prosthetic to stun the boss and get a few hits to whittle down their HP.

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