Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Snake Eyes Shirahagi in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Prayer Bead
Appearance Sunken Valley

Boss List


  • Sneak behind Snake Eyes and perform a sneak attack to remove an HP Bar.

Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

↑Perform a sneak attack

  • It can be difficult to grasp the timing of his dangerous attack. However, since he will start the attack with a slow swing before hitting Sekiro, it can be easily avoided with a back step.

Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

↑The dangerous attack does not have an indicator of when it comes down.

Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

↑Avoid immediately before he drops his weapon.

  • You can counterattack after he shoots his shotgun, which he usually does after a sequence of attacks. You need to block the shot before attacking.

Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

↑Block the shot at close range for a chance to attack.

  • The damage received from the shotgun blast is high, so do your best to block it and counter. You can also parry the blast but it is quite difficult to do, so we recommended that you just block it.

Snake Eyes Shirahagi Mini-Boss Guide

↑This shows your attack window after parrying the shotgun blast. The risk is high, but so is the reward.


Attack Details
Spike Grab
The boss hits Sekiro with a spike that temporarily paralyzes him.
Shot Snake Eyes shoots a shell from his weapon. He also uses this after performing a combo.
Kick A kick that the boss uses before or after shooting his gun.
Bash Swings his weapon at Sekiro up to three times.

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