Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa Boss Guide

Information and strategy guide on how to defeat Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa, a boss enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa

Gyoubu Oniwa Boss Guide

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Rewards Memory: Gyoubu Oniwa, Mechanical Barrel
Appearance Ashina Castle – Outskirts

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Strategy for 1st and 2nd HP Bars

  • You will want to stay as close as possible to the enemy, as the boss will have an advantage in a ranged fight. Shinobi Firecrackers are effective in stunning Gyoubu’s horse for a few seconds at short range.

Gyoubu Oniwa Boss Guide

↑When the ▼Marker appears near the boss, press R2 to close the distance.

  • You will have a chance to counter when Gyoubu Oniwa launches his massive attacks. However, the gap between his attacks is rather small, so always be on guard.

Gyoubu Oniwa Boss Guide

↑Attack with a two-handed weapon for big damage.

  • You can build the opponent’s posture gauge efficiently if you parry each attack. Get a good feel for the enemy’s rhythm to make parrying easier.

Gyoubu Oniwa Boss Guide

↑You can stay safe by guarding early. If you guard before the boss attacks, there is little risk of failure.

  • If the boss gets too far away, you can throw Shurikens at him, then use Grappling Hook once the green marker appears.

Gyoubu Oniwa Boss Guide

  • You need to land two Deathblows to kill Gyoubu Oniwa.


Attack Details
Spear Throw
The boss throws his spear toward Sekiro and pierces the ground.
Spear Rush
Gyoubu Oniwa plunges the blade of his spear into the ground while rushing towards Sekiro.
Triple Strike The boss attacks three times. The first two attacks are random. He may perform a sweeping attack, a vertical swing, a scooping strike, or a smash attack. The last strike is a large swing with a wide range.
Sweep Strike A large sweeping strike that raises dust from the ground. He may perform this after Triple Strike.
Spear Dash The boss dashes towards Sekiro with the blade of the spear aimed at him. This attack hits multiple times and can be difficult to block or parry.
Jump Attack Gyoubu Oniwa jumps high and strikes vertically.
Spear Swing The boss swings his spear around him using a rope. This extends its attack range even further. Gyoubu Oniwa uses this attack when Sekiro is far away.

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