Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Shinobi Arts Skills List

Information about Shinobi Arts Skills in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This includes a list of the available Shinobi Arts Skills in the game.

Shinobi Arts Skills

Prioritize Offensive Skills

Focusing on Shinobi Arts Skills allows you to learn various offensive Skills. It is also possible to learn the Derived Attack that pairs with the Shinobi Prosthetic Tool by using Ninjutsu.

List of Shinobi Skills in Sekiro

Skill SP Cost Shinobi Skill Tree Details
Mid-Air Deflection 1 Effect
Can guard and parry attacks mid-air.
Mid-Air Combat Arts 3 Effect
Allows you to use Combat Arts mid-air
Mikiri Counter 2 Effect
Counterattack according to an enemy’s attack. If it is a minor enemy, it will be treated as a Shinobi Deathblow.
Run and Slide 1 Effect
Allows you to slide while dashing
Vault Over 2 Effect
Allows you to perform a Shinobi Deathblow from behind an enemy with broken Posture. Shinobi Rear Deathblow is possible even outside stealth
Derivation Attack 1 Effect
Perform a slash after using Shinobi Prosthetic Tools
Aerial Shinobi Prosthetic Attack 3 Effect
Shinobi Prosthetic Tools can be used mid-air.
Delayed Derivation Attack 2 Effect
Perform a slash after using Shinobi Prosthetic Tools.
Grappling Hook Attack 1 Effect
Perform a slash after using the Grappling Hook.

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