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Information about the Sculptor's Idol in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Includes the various functions of the Sculptor's Idol.

Sculptor’s Idol

Sculptor's Idol

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Sekiro can perform various activities when he unlocks a Sculptor’s Idol. One is the ability to replenish his vitality. Another is that he can retrieve items from storage. Additionally, the Sculptor Idol serves as Sekiro’s respawn point whenever he dies.

Sculptor’s Idol Functions


Sekiro’s health will be restored whenever he sits by a Sculptor’s Idol.
Death Penalties and Resurrection
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Purchase Shinobi Prosthetic Items for Upgrades

Another function allows you to purchase and process your items for Shinobi Prosthetic upgrades.
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The Sculptor Idol enables you to fast travel to other Sculptor’s Idols you previously encountered.

Skill Acquisition

The Sculptor’s Idol gives you skill points in order to unlock more skills and skill trees.
Basic Information on Skills

Vitality Upgrades

It grants Sekiro upgrades to his vitality and posture through Prayer Beads.
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Posture System
Prayer Beads Location

Attack Power Enhancement

With the help of Battle Memories, the Idol can provide Sekiro with additional attack power.
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