Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - O’Rin of the Water Mini-Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat O'Rin of the Water in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

O’Rin of the Water Mini-Boss Guide

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Prayer Bead, Breath of Life: Shadow
Appearance Bottom of Mibu Village

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Talk to the Figure near the lighted area. This will prompt a question. Choose the first option before choosing the second one. This will then lead you to fight O’Rin of the Water.

O'Rin of the Water

O'Rin of the Water

Take note of O’Rin’s stances. These will give away what attack O’Rin is about to use, so you can dodge or deflect accordingly.

O'Rin of the Water

↑If O’Rin raises her weapon, she will charge at you, especially if you’ve distanced yourself.

O'Rin of the Water

↑If the boss is far away, she will fly toward Sekiro.

O'Rin of the Water

↑Time her strikes to parry.

O'Rin of the Water

↑Since there will be a number of follow up attacks after the first, be prepared to parry at least two more times.

O'Rin of the Water

↑Jump on top of O’Rin when she does a dangerous attack. This move will further increase her posture gauge.

O’Rin’s attack pattern in the Second Stage is similar to in the First Stage. Be on your toes and determine what kind of attack she will use in order to either deflect or dodge.

O'Rin of the Water

↑A fourth strike will now come after the third attack.


Attack Details
Rotating Cut
O’Rin will rush toward you and do a spinning slash.
Rotating Continuous Attack O’Rin will raise her arms and attack three times.
Vertical Slash O’Rin does an upward slash.
Jump Attack O’Rin flits about then dashes forward.
Continuous Attack O’Rin will unleash a series of attacks that can be guarded.

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