Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to Unlock Hard Mode

A guide on how to unlock Hard Mode during the first playthrough in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Unlocking Sekiro’s Hard Mode in the First Playthrough

Sekiro Hard Mode

Ring the Bell at Mt. Kongo

You can temporarily activate Hard Mode during the first playthrough by reaching Mt. Kongo during the main story.

Sekiro Hard Mode

Route 1

Step Details
1 At the area where you fight General Tenzen Yamauchi, run to the right until you reach a small hut at the end of the path.
2 Go to the back of the hut then use your grappling hook to get to the tree branch ahead, then jump and hang on the ledge to the right.
3 Jump down and head inside the cave. Run straight and then go right to reach the Demon Bell.

Route 2

Step Details
1 When you reach the skywalk at Senpou Temple, where the Armored Warrior is waiting, you will find a strange bell in the area to the left near the Sculptor’s Idol. Ring it to activate Hard Mode. You will also obtain the Bell Demon Spirit.
2 Enemies will be much stronger in Hard Mode, though they will have higher item drop rates as well.
3 To deactivate Hard Mode, use the Bell Demon Spirit item you obtained after ringing the bell.

Additional Information on Hard Mode

Resting at a Sculptor’s Idol does not turn off Hard Mode

The only way to deactivate Hard Mode is to use the Bell Demon Spirit. When Hard Mode is active, you will be able to see a red demon mark below your HP Gauge.

Sekiro Hard Mode

Advancing through the main story can be very challenging when you are in Hard Mode. Use the Bell Demon Spirit when things get too rough to reduce the difficulty. Enemies won’t have many buffs when you have the Bell Demon Spirit, but bosses will deal more damage. Make sure you use the item before fighting a boss to erase its effects.

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