Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Fujioka the Info Broker NPC Information

Information on the Fujioka the Info Broker, a non-playable character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This includes a list of shop items.

Fujioka the Info Broker NPC Information

Fujioka the Info Broker

Location Availability Function
Ashina Castle and Dilapidated Temple Appears at the start of the game Merchant
Nightjar Beacon Memo


Talk to Fujioka behind a giant wall, which is to the right of the staircase at the entrance of Ashina Castle.

How to Obtain the Nightjar Beacon Memo

  1. Finish the mission: Defeat all Samurai in Ashina Castle
  2. Return to Fujioka to receive it

Shop Items

Talk to the NPC to purchase items.

Item Name Price Stock
Pellet 80 8
Dragon’s Blood Droplet 180 2
Antidote Powder 100 None
Dousing Powder 100 None
Pacifying Powder 100 None
Ungo’s Sugar 120 None
Light Coin Purse 110 3
Heavy Coin Purse 550 3
Sabimaru Memo 500 1
Three-story Pagoda Memo 500 1
Gourd Seed 2000 1

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