Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Spirit Emblem Farming Guide

A guide on farming Spirit Emblems in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, including the best locations to grind them.

About Farming Spirit Emblems

Challenge Bosses with Max Spirit Emblems

It is generally recommended to have as many Spirit Emblems as possible when going up against bosses or other strong enemies. This allows the most number of uses of your Shinobi Prosthetic Tools during the fight.

Respawning Enemies

When you rest at a Sculptor’s Idol, the enemies you killed will respawn. This allows you to farm Spirit Emblems.

Best Areas to Farm Spirit Emblems

Ashina Castle

Tiger Mouth Stairs

Enemies at the lower tiger mouth stairs in Ashina Castle drop two Spirit Emblems each. You can get around six per run.

Step Details
1 Kill the two soldiers in front of the Red Demon.
2 Kill the soldier with a cylinder on the opposite side of the Red Demon.
3 Jump down the cliff and kill the enemy below.
4 Use the grappling hook to get up and kill the enemies in front of the gate.
5 Kill the soldier under the bridge.
6 Use a Homeward Idol to return to the Sculptor’s Idol near the tiger mouth stairs and rest.
7 Repeat.

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