Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Jinzaemon Kumano NPC Information

Information about Jinzaemon Kumano, a non-playable character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This includes his function in the game.

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Jinzaemon Kumano NPC Information

Jinzaemon Kumano

Location Availability Function
Ashina Reservoir Appears at the start of the game Lumps of Fat Wax


  1. Once you have obtained the Surgeon’s Bloody Letter from Doujun at the Abandoned Dungeon, you can send Jinzaemon from the Ashina Reservoir to receive three Lumps of Fat Wax. He later turns into an enemy.
  2. If you decide to leave him alone, you will encounter him on a bridge near the Ashina Depths after defeating O’rin of the Water mini-boss. If you pick “Say Nothing” twice, he will surrender Jinza’s Jizo Statue and then die.
  3. Defeating O’Rin before talking to Jinzaemon at Ashina Reservoir prompts him to attack you for stopping the “sound”.

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