Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Long-arm Centipede Sen-un Mini-Boss Guide

A guide on how to defeat Long-arm Centipede Sen-un in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Long-arm Centipede Sen-un

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Prayer Bead
Appearance Mt. Kongo – Senpou Temple

Boss List


  • First, take out its first HP bar by launching a jumping sneak attack from the rafters above.

Long-arm Centipede Sen-un Boss Guide

↑Jump from here to perform the sneak attack.

  • Next, kill the minions near the mini-boss.

Long-arm Centipede Sen-un Boss Guide

↑There are two minions at the entrance, three on the rafters above, and one near the boss.

  • Its attack pattern starts with a dangerous attack followed by multiple slashes. You can parry these slashes to fully fill up his Posture gauge, making it easier for you to land the killing blow.

Long-arm Centipede Sen-un Boss Guide

↑It can hit up to 10 times in a combo. Parry every slash and you can quickly fill its Posture gauge.

  • Its attacks may be quite intimidating at first due to their speed, but they can easily be parried once you memorize the patterns. However, if you have the first upgrade for the Loaded Umbrella Shinobi Prosthetic Tool (Magnetic), you can just block his attacks and his posture gauge will quickly fill up.

Long-arm Centipede Sen-un Boss Guide

↑Attack when the mini-boss’ hands are at his sides.


Attack Details
Forward Twin Slash
The boss lunges at Sekiro, closing in on him with his two-bladed hands.
Multiple Slashes The boss swings his weapons around and attacks multiple times. Can hit up to 10 times.

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