Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Isshin Ashina NPC Information

Information about the Isshin Ashina, a non-playable character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This includes his function in the game.

Isshin Ashina NPC Information

Location Availability Function
Ashina Castle Appears at the start of the game Unlocks Mortal Blade quest
You can obtain optional dialogue

Tengu of Ashina NPC Information

Isshin Ashina NPC Functions

Mortal Blade Quest

  1. Interact with Kuro.
  2. You need to complete Tengu of Ashina’s quest to make Isshin Ashina appear.
  3. Talk to Isshin Ashina and inquire about the “Mortal Blade” to trigger the quest.
  4. Go to Kuro’s Room and you will find that the library is open. Get a special key inside the library which opens a locked door leading to Senpou Temple.

Optional Dialogue

You can offer various drinks to Isshin Ashina.

  1. If you offer the Unrefined Sake, he will talk about Genichiro.
  2. If you offer Monkey Booze, he will talk about Shura. Defeating Owl prior to offering this item to Isshin Ashina will trigger different dialogue.
  3. If you offer Dragonspring Sake, he will mention some fools.
  4. If you offer Ashina Sake, he will mention the history of the Ashina people.

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