Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to Obtain Divine Confetti

A guide on how to obtain Divine Confetti in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

About Divine Confetti

Divine Confetti is a valuable item used to damage spectral enemies. Divine Confetti cannot be purchased from merchants in the early stages of the game, making them extremely difficult to obtain.

Sekiro Divine Confetti

How to Obtain Divine Confetti

Defeat the Corrupted Monk at Fountainhead Palace

Once you defeat the Corrupted Monk at Fountainhead Palace, you will get the Dragon’s Tally Board. Having this key item allows you to purchase Divine Confetti from merchants at 300 Sen each.

Sekiro Divine Confetti

Kill the Ashina Samurai at Ashina Antechember

If you want to obtain Divine Confetti before getting to Fountainhead Palace, you can kill the Ashina Samurai scattered at the Ashina Castle Antechember. Make sure you pop a Mibu Balloon of Possession for a higher chance of obtaining the rare item.

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