Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Owl (Father) Boss Guide

Information and strategy guide on how to defeat the Owl (Father,) a boss enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Owl (Father) Boss Guide

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Memory: Foster Father, Aromatic Flower
Appearance Hirata Estate (Return)

Boss List


First HP Bar

  • The Great Shinobi Owl now has new attacks to replace the green smoke bomb that he throws in the first fight. Don’t parry too much during this fight as it does little to no posture damage. Instead, focus on finding openings between his slow attacks and preparing to strike at least once or twice. Also, don’t use Shadowrush, the spear prostethic tool, or the normal thrust attack because he also has a Mikiri Counter.

Owl (Father)

↑ If you focus on parrying or filling up his posture gauge, you will not be able to deal serious damage.

  • One of the new attacks is a vertical slash. Bait Owl into using this move by standing still for a few seconds, as moving before he finishes the downward slash will result in Owl using a horizontal slash. He may use this attack after a dangerous sweeping attack.

Owl (Father)

↑ If you see this motion, bait him into using the move by remaining stationary for a few seconds before performing a sidestep.

  • Another new attack is a jumping slash. Avoid this by sidestepping, then counter after he finishes the move.

Owl (Father)

↑ The jumping slash motion. Can be avoided by sidestepping.

Owl (Father)

↑ He will also try to trample Sekiro. After stepping on him, Owl will then pierce his blade into Sekiro’s heart, dealing fatal damage.

  • Owl will often throw firecrackers at Sekiro. After the throw, he will sometimes perform a dangerous rushing thrust attack. Wait for the red kanji to appear, then perform a Mikiri Counter to stop Owl from using the move. You will have a high chance of landing one or two strikes after countering. He may also perform a firecracker slash where he activates the fireworks using his sword. You can avoid this by jumping backward or sidestepping to the right.

Owl (Father)

↑ Stay away from Owl after he throws firecrackers. Try to get as close as possible to him afterward.

Owl (Father)

↑ Perform the Mikiri Counter to stop the dangerous attack.

Second HP Bar

  • Owl will summon a blue spirit owl. Owl can teleport to the owl’s location and perform a plunging strike.
  • When the blue owl turns, be prepared to jump and avoid the dangerous flaming owl flying toward you.

Owl (Father)

  • Once Owl disappears, check the location of the blue owl in the battlefield.

Owl (Father)

  • The flaming strike can be avoided by jumping at the right time.

Owl (Father)

↑ Remember to use Mikiri counter when he does the thrust attack.


Attack Details
1st HP Bar
Sweeping Slash
A sweeping slash with a wide range.
Rushing Thrust
Rushes towards Sekiro and performs a thrust attack.
Slash Owl slashes up to five times.
Jump Slash The boss jumps and performs a slash. Causes heavy damage.
Vertical Swing The great Shinobi carries his blade above his head then performs a vertical slash.
Trample Owl attempts to step on Sekiro. He will pierce Sekiro’s heart after stepping on him.
Shuriken Throw Throws shurikens at Sekiro.
Firecracker Throw Owl throws firecrackers in the air then steps back before the powder explodes.
Sweeping Slash A sweeping slash with a wide range.
Stab A powerful move that he often uses when his posture gauge is almost full.
Counter Performs a counter-attack after he blocks Sekiro’s attacks multiple times.
2nd HP Bar
Flaming Owl
The blue spirit owl is imbued with flames and flies towards Sekiro. Causes heavy damage.
Teleport The boss disappears and teleports to the blue owl’s location. Performs a downward strike after teleporting.

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