Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Shinobi Ninjutsu Skill List

Information about Shinobi Arts Ninjustu Skills in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This includes their execution and a list of the available Shinobi Ninjutsu Skills in the game.

Shinobi Ninjutsu Skills List

How to Execute the Command

When you eliminate enemies with backstab or Shinobi Deathblows, you will be able to chain a follow-up Ninjutsu technique by pressing the R1 button.

Shinobi Ninjutsu Skills List

Skill Spirit Emblems Cost Details
Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu 6 How to Learn
Defeat Genichiro Ashina
Creates a smokescreen using the blood of a slain enemy
Puppeteer Ninjutsu 5 How to Learn
Defeat Folding Screen Monkeys
Turns the victim into a puppet-like creature
Bestowal Ninjutsu 7 How to Learn
Defeat Headless Ape
To increase its reach, the blade is dyed with the blood of its prey

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