Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Exchange Items from the Offering Box

Information about the Coin Purse and Offering Box in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This includes their functions in the game.

Offering Box

Recover lost items from the Dilapidated Temple

In the Souls games, items are lost forever should you fail to collect them. In Sekiro, however, whenever you fail to retrieve items from Ashina Castle, you will still be able obtain them from the offering box without the need to start a new game. If the box is shining, you can turn in some Sen to collect it.
Offering Box
Since the path back to Ashina Castle will be sealed off in the later parts of the story, the items you failed to collect there will be transferred to the Offering Box.
Offering Box 2

List of items that can be exchanged

Item Cost
Gyoubu’s Broken Horn 2800
Phantom Kunai 4500
Anti-air Deathblow Text 2200
Prayer Bead 2200

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