Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Guardian Ape Boss Guide

Information and strategy guide on how to defeat the Guardian Ape, a boss enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Guardian Ape

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Prosthetic Tool: Slender Finger, Memory: Guardian Ape
Appearance Sunken Valley

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1st HP Bar

The Guardian Ape’s attacks are pretty straightforward in the first stage. He will be open to attacks after sitting down after a couple of wild swings. However, be careful to not get behind it for long period, as it will unleash a poisonous gas attack from its rear.

Guardian Ape Boss Guide

Guardian Ape Boss Guide

You can get close to him and hack away at its HP. This is especially effective after he executes his tantrum attack and begins to sit down. You can also use the Flame Vent prosthetic tool after throwing a bottle of oil at the ape to stun him for a few seconds and increase posture damage.

Guardian Ape Boss Guide

Be on the lookout for when the Guardian Ape tries to grab you. If he succeeds, you will take a lot of damage.

Guardian Ape Boss Guide

You will be greeted by the Guardian Ape’s second form after you deal the first deathblow.

2nd HP Bar

The Headless Ape’s attacks differ from the Guardian Ape’s. Take note of its varied attack patterns before heading forward.

Guardian Ape Boss Guide

It has a sliding attack which can be dodged. After dodging it, you have a small window to hack away at its HP.

Guardian Ape Boss Guide

The Headless Ape also has a new area of effect attack which it roars and spits out some blood. The longer you’re in its area, the higher your Fear meter rises. Head back to a safe spot once it rears its torso and begins its roar.

Guardian Ape Boss Guide


Attack Details
Moves for 1st HP Bar
Right Hand Grab
The Guardian Ape tries to grab and slam you for significant damage. Usually goes for this move if it is about to turn toward you.
Jumping Slam
Guardian Ape stands on its hind legs, jumps, and smashes the ground. It deals tremendous damage if you get hit.
Double Strike Guardian Ape swipes with its right hand twice. Afterward, it follows up with a swipe with its left hand.
Poison Gas The Guardian Ape unleashes a poison gas from its rear. You will get poisoned and will need an antidote to get rid of effect if hit.
Dung Throw The Guardian Ape throws dung at you. This is usually done when you’re far away.
Left-handed Sweeps It makes a sweeping swing with its left hand.
Tantrum It will flail its arms wildly while on its back. Afterward, it will roll onto its stomach and get up. You can get some free hits in when he calms down and begins to roll onto his stomach.
Moves for 2nd HP Bar
Blood Roar
The Headless Ape roars and emits a bloody scream that significantly increases your Fear the longer you are in its area.
Low Rowing Attack
The Headless Ape does a sweeping attack from left to right.
Continuous Attack The Headless Ape attacks wildly. It can be deflected.
Sliding Attack Headless Ape slides and tries to hit you. Can be avoided and leaves the Ape open to attack.
Continuous Slashes Headless Ape slashes uncontrollably. Hard to parry.

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