Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Dragonrot and Unseen Aid

Information on Dragonrot and Unseen Aid in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, including how to contract the disease and how to cure it.

About Dragonrot in Sekiro

Contracting Dragonrot

Each time the player dies, more NPCs will be infected by Dragonrot.

Effects of Dragonrot

More people will be infected by Dragonrot if the player constantly dies. The number of NPCs with Dragonrot lowers the chance of Unseen Aid activating.

Rot Essence

Sekiro Dragonrot and Unseen Aid

Rot Essence is an item that is automatically added to your inventory each time an NPC contracts Dragonrot. The more Rot Essence you hold, the lower the chance of Unseen Aid activating. Take note that only upon true death (death without any revives) will Sekiro be given Rot Essences.

How to Cure Dragonrot

Obtain the Recovery Charm from Emma

To cure someone of Dragonrot, you’ll need to take a sample of their blood to Emma. Once you give her the sample, she will give you a Recovery Charm that lets you cure Dragonrot using Dragon’s Blood Droplets at a Sculptor’s Idol.

Use Dragon’s Blood Droplets

Sekiro Dragonrot and Unseen Aid

Curing Dragonrot is done by using Dragon’s Blood Droplets, a valuable item that can be purchased from merchants.

How to Get Dragon’s Blood Droplets

As mentioned, you can obtain Dragon’s Blood Droplets by buying them from merchants. They are quite expensive, so be careful not to sell them by mistake. Also, you need to use these droplets while a Sculptor’s Idol is activated, as there will be no effects if you use them anywhere else.

About Unseen Aid

Negates Death Penalties

Unseen Aid prevents you from losing experience and money on death.

Triggering Unseen Aid

Unseen Aid is completely random, though keep in mind that having a lot of Rot Essence in your inventory considerably lowers your chance of it taking effect.

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