Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Information and strategy guide on how to defeat Lady Butterfly, a boss enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Lady Butterfly

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Rewards Memory: Lady Butterfly, Sakura Droplet
Appearance Hirata Estate

Boss List


1st HP Bar

  • Lady Butterfly is a melee fighter and always fights close range. If you back away, she will occasionally hit you with kunai.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

  • If Lady Butterfly repeatedly blocks your attacks, she’ll do a jump attack. Evade after every other attack to try to prevent this from happening.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Lady Butterfly Guarding. Avoid Spamming Attacks when she takes this stance.

  • Once Lady Butterfly has finished spamming attacks, she will take a moment to recover her composure. Take this opportunity to immediately attack her. The Nightjar Slash skill is the most effective move during these moments. Her posture gauge also fills up quickly, so deflect most of her attacks. She open up for a deathblow after you deflect enough of her attacks.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

If Lady Butterfly attacks from the left, block to the left. Likewise, block to the right when Lady Butterfly attacks to the right.

  • If Lady Butterfly jumps and stays above you, quickly move away. If you were not able to move quickly, hit her with a loaded shuriken to distract her attempt to attack you. Then, move backward or sideways.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Lady Butterfly will do a jump attack after standing on a thread.

  • Sekiro can hide from her vision behind the pillars scattered around the arena to recover from Lady Butterfly’s attacks. These pillars are also useful for blocking her kunai attacks and to delay the direction of her damaging spirit butterflies.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

2nd HP Bar

  • At this stage, Lady Butterfly will be more aggressive. Also, she will be giving you fewer chances to attack. It is advisable for Sekiro to be focused on blocking attacks and putting more posture stress to her side.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

  • You can use your loaded shurikens to stop her attempts at attacking. Again, focus on blocking to build up her posture stress.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

  • Lady Butterfly can also attack with illusions. These illusions can perform both melee and ranged attacks. They will disappear after a period but fade into butterflies that can also hit you. Make sure to move swiftly to avoid the butterflies. You can block them, but they will quickly fill up your posture gauge.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

A mist will come out which will trigger her illusion summoning.

Lady Butterfly Boss Guide

Illusions disappear after attacking. You can use Snap Seed to quickly make some illusions disappear during the battle. You can get the Snap Seeds in the area after you pierce the Great Serpent’s eye (before the end of the Ashina Outskirts area), head north and pick up the item before the serpent lunges at you.


Attack Details
1st HP Bar
Surface Kick
Lady Butterfly lowers down and kicks forward. This can be avoided by jumping backward.
Airborne Kunai Throw
After sticking near the wall, Lady Butterfly will launch into the air and throw kunai at you. This deals heavy damage.
Roundhouse Kick When Lady Butterfly’s posture stress is near max, she will do a kick as a counter-attack to protect herself.
Forward Rush Lady Butterfly will follow-up her kunai dart throws with a slashing forward movement at a high speed.
Kunai Throw Lady Butterfly will consecutively shoot three kunai straight at Sekiro. It is best to evade instead of blocking the attack.
Jump Lady Butterfly will jump in front of you. She stays on a thread above you before releasing her next attack.
2nd HP Bar
Cross-Cut Attack
Lady Butterfly will slash from left to right and then right to left consecutively. Avoid these by leaping away.
Illusion Call Lady Butterfly will call out her illusions that will immediately attack you when you get in range. They stay in a single arena for a period of time. They fade into butterflies that move to hit you.
Butterfly Summons Butterflies will appear while Sekiro fights Lady Butterfly. Avoid standing in one area when you see them. They will disappear after a few seconds of following you.

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