Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Great Shinobi Owl Boss Guide

Information and strategy guide on how to defeat the Great Shinobi Owl, a boss enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Great Shinobi Owl

Number of Deathblow Markers 2
Reward Memory: Great Shinobi Owl, Aromatic Branch
Appearance Ashina Castle (Shinobi Invasion)

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First HP Bar

  • It is difficult to identify which attack he is going to use and most of his moves have wide ranges. You will need to parry and avoid certain attacks for a chance at victory.

Great Shinobi Owl

You will have very little chance to attack, even when you are nearby.

  • The first chance to attack is after he performs the dash slash. There is a high chance of getting a window to attack if you avoid or parry the move. It is best you parry it to fill up his posture gauge.

Great Shinobi Owl

The dashing slash attack. Prepare to parry once you see this.

Great Shinobi Owl

Attack after parrying. It is possible to deal more damage if he throws the green smoke bomb, as it has a slow animation.

  • Your second chance to attack is after a jump slash. Avoid this by sidestepping, then launch an attack afterward.

Great Shinobi Owl

He will often jump slash after throwing two shuriken. This pattern is easy to memorize.

Great Shinobi Owl

Avoid the jump attack by sidestepping.

Great Shinobi Owl

Strike him on the side once he is open.

  • Be wary of the green smoke bomb. If you are hit by this, you will not be able to heal or use recovery items.

Great Shinobi Owl

It is dangerous to be afflicted by this condition.

Second HP Bar

  • His moves are the same as before with the exception of a few added attacks.
  • When he jumps into the air, instead of throwing shurikens, he will throw out poison. The condition this causes is the same as the green smoke bomb, preventing you from using recovery items.

Great Shinobi Owl

The poison attack. Avoid the liquid.

Great Shinobi Owl

The liquid will remain on the ground for a while. Try to not step on it as you battle Owl.


Attack Details
1st HP Bar
Shuriken Owl throws shurikens at Sekiro. May throw two in a row.
Slash The boss slashes up to three times.
Jumping Slash Jumps and performs a downwards slash. Deals heavy damage.
Green Smoke Bomb The shinobi drops a smoke bomb which causes a condition where he can’t use recovery items.
Dash Slash Owl rushes toward Sekiro and performs a slash.
2nd HP Bar
Poison Spill The boss jumps and spills liquid poison. It will remain on the ground for a few seconds. The condition applied is the same as the Green Smoke Bomb.
Smoke Screen A smoke screen appears around Owl. This makes it difficult to see what the boss will do next.

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