Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Where to Find Esoteric Texts

Information about the Esoteric Texts in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This includes information on usage and where to find them.

Usage of Esoteric Texts

Unlocks Skill Trees

Finding an Esoteric Text will unlock a new skill tree. Doing so allows the player to enhance their abilities and skills. Esoteric Texts are essential for strengthening your character.

Where to Find Esoteric Texts

Esoteric Text Location Details
Shinobi Dilapidated Temple Received after examining the Sculptor’s Idol in Hirata Estate. You can obtain it by returning to the Dilapidated Temple and talking to the Sculptor.
Prosthetic Dilapidated temple Received from the Sculptor after obtaining the Mechanical Barrel from the Hirata Estate.
Ashina Ashina Outskirts Received from the Tengu in Ashina Outskirts after defeating the Tengu’s rat.
Senpou Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo Obtained from a chest at the Sculptor’s idol past the main hall near the cave.
Mushin Great Serpent Shrine (Ashina Castle), Kuro’s Room (Ashina Castle Top) Received from Tengu at the Great Serpent Shrine. Can also be obtained by speaking to Emma in Kuro’s Room during the final phase of the story. Learning one secret technique is required for both these options.

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