Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Corrupted Monk (Illusion) Boss Guide

Information and strategy guide on how to defeat the Corrupted Monk (Illusion), a boss enemy in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Corrupted Monk (Illusion)

Number of Deathblow Markers 1
Reward Memory: Corrupted Monk, Mibu Breathing Technique
Appearance Mibu Village – Ashina Depths

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  • Despite having a rather slow attack, the Corrupted deals colossal damage. Memorize its attack pattern so that you can dodge or parry.
  • You can also use Snap Seeds near the boss to deal damage and to stun it for a few seconds. However, you can only use this three times.
  • It can be difficult to fill up the enemy’s Posture gauge due to how slowly it attacks. It is best to find an opening instead of parrying its attacks to fill up its gauge.
  • Finding an opening, however, can also be hard since it will often move after attacking. Be prepared to block after attacking during an opening. You can use Shinobi Firecrackers to stun it for a short time.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑This thrust attack is dangerous. Avoid by jumping sideways.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑After dodging, an opening for a counterattack will appear.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑This jumping vertical slash, which starts with the boss spinning mid-air, can be avoided by jumping sideways.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑There will be an opening to attack after you dodge.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑If the boss jumps and attacks without rotating, you need to block rather than dodging. This attack is difficult to avoid.

  • Most of its attacks have predictable patterns, so they are easy to memorize. Find openings and keep attacking until it is defeated.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑This signals his rotating slash, which hits five times in a row. Try to avoid this attack. It can be dangerous if you are hit by two or more slashes. You can also parry this attack to land a Deathblow if the boss has a half-filled posture gauge.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑If the boss does this motion, it is best to block.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑Even if you block the attack all five times, you will have only have your Posture gauge filled half way.

  • Parrying the Corrupted Monk’s attacks will considerably raise your Posture gauge. If your gauge is half-full, recover by running away from the boss.

Corrupted Monk Illusion

↑Recover your Posture by staying far away from the boss.


Attack Details
The boss thrusts its weapon at Sekiro. Mikiri Counter can be used to fill up the boss’ posture gauge.
Sweeping Slash
The Corrupted Monk sweeps its weapon around. Can be avoided by jumping.
Five Rotating Slashes After lifting the weapon with both hands, the boss spins around five times.
Jumping Vertical Slash (Rotating) The boss jumps and spins mid-air before performing a vertical slash. Can be avoided by side-stepping or jumping sideways.
Jumping Vertical Slash Jumps and slashes downwards. Can be blocked.
Shake Off Swings its weapon around up to four times. May perform a dangerous attack afterward.

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