Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Death Penalties and Resurrection

Information about Death Penalties and Resurrection in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It includes an explanation on Death Penalty and Resurrection System.

Death Penalty

Death Penalty
Upon death, Sekiro loses half of his total money and total skill experience. However, unlike in the Souls series, this lost currency cannot be recovered, so the penalty can be fairly heavy.

Skill Points

Skill Points
The skill points you gain, however, will not decrease on death. Both the experience gauge and the total skill points will be the same after you revive.

Resurrection System

Resurrection System

Filling the Resurrection Gauge

Resurrection is a mechanic where Sekiro can revive once after filling a Resurrection gauge. This takes the form of a pink circle in the lower left corner of the screen.


If you die when the gauge is full, you have the option to “Resurrect” or to “Die as is.” If you select “Resurrect,” then you will respawn in the spot where you died.

Resurrect Only Restores Half of Your HP

Players revive with only half of their HP, so be careful when reviving. If enemies are nearby, they will see you stand up again.

How to Fill the Resurrection Gauge

How to Fill the Resurrection Gauge

Resting at the Sculptor’s Idol

The Sculptor’s Idol acts like a bonfire from the Souls series. It can restore your HP to maximum and fills your Resurrection Gauge.
More Information About the Sculptor’s Idol

Defeating Enemies

Killing enemies fills up your Resurrection Gauge. Each enemy you kill will bring you one step closer to resurrection.

Recommended Use of Resurrection

Surprise Attacks

The perfect time to revive yourself is after your killer has turned away. Once revived, you can perform a surprise attack on the enemy.

Revive Yourself Quickly

If you take too long in deciding to revive yourself, you will automatically die. This means that you need to be careful when delaying your resurrection to perform a surprise attack.

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